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    Weekly Update

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    We are using Jenkins & Gerrit. You can find all commits to Test Center Nova here. You can still report all bugs you find on Test Center Nova to the Mantis Bug Tracker. A helpful guide to bug reporting can be found here.
    Our current focus is the Publish 6 Checklist. Features planned to be in publish 6 and 7 can be seen in the SWGEmu Roadmaps

    Non linked Mantis reports are in the dev/QA area and can not be viewed with out dev/QA access.

    (Stable) = Commits are now on Basilisk
    (Unstable) = Commits are on TC Nova and are being tested

    TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] PersistentEvents
    • (unstable)[Fixed] GetAttributesBatch x 2
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Debug spam
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Some more AI agent zone
    • (unstable)[Fixed] More numberOfPlayersInRange
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue x 12
    • (unstable)[Changed] AiAgent::notifyPositionUpdate
    • (unstable)[Added] AI scheduled events tracking
    • (unstable)[Fixed] ObjectManager to reuse LuaObjects
    • (unstable)[Added] More AI counters
    • (unstable)[Fixed] AI .lua optimizations
    • (unstable)[Added] AI retreating counter
    • (unstable)[Fixed] AiAgent.checkNewAngle to just broadcast the angle instead of calling updateZone

    • (unstable)[Fixed] Some CPU tweaks
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Creatures that spawn inside cells will no longer wander
    • (unstable)[Added] Awareness checks are now done whenever players are in range

    • (unstable)[Fixed] Guild naming filter checks. Mantis #5445
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Building child creatures to load an AI template when spawned
    • (unstable)[Added] Cries of Alderaan Act 1 message fragments (can be assembled but not turned in yet)
    • (unstable)[Added] Wound chance to npc nightsister lance. Mantis #5446
    • (unstable)[Added] CoA Act 1 assembled messages can now be turned in to faction recruiters
    • (unstable)[Added] CoA act 1 message fragments to loot
    • (unstable)[Moved] CoA mobs to the quest folder
    • (unstable)[Adjusted] Some spawns
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Shuttles sometimes not scheduling properly during server load
    • (unstable)[Added] A bunch of spawns to the Naboo world spawner
    • (unstable)[Adjusted] Some lair templates
    • (unstable)[Added] Many spawns to Naboo easy and medium spawn areas
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue

    Washu (Developer)
    • (unstable)[Feature] Added base of droid laboratory
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Survey droids have a use count
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Set use count properly, droid components and survey droid now behaves correctly

    Bertlast (Quality Assurance)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Ship shield component strings
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Ship shield stat precision and recharge values
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Ship shield components now unable to be made in a factory (subcomponents still can)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Mark IV shield is now craftable with stats and accepts shield subcomponents
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Mark III shield resources

    Miztah (Code Contributors)
    • (unstable)[Added] Bestine Museum voting system (phase set to 48 hour intervals for testing)
    • (unstable)[Added] Fixer quests (Tatooine)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Museum Curator not always properly responding with the next voting phase time frame
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Hunt quests not completing if the quest target wasn't the first npc killed after accepting the quest

    Valkyra (Code Contributors)
    • (unstable)[Added] A few Task complete, task failed, and quest journal updated system messages to the FS intro line (so far)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Village phase change event not rescheduling on long server uptime periods, villagephase conf txt now depreciated

    (Community contributors)
    • (unstable)[Added] Character Builder Terminal: All vet rewards, city decorations, rugs, jedi furniture, and lamps (lit and unlit). Many more plants, furniture, and misc items. Note: Lit lamps and candles glow white unlike their crafted counterparts

    nmetb (Community contributors)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Players can invite pets even if they aren't the group leader. Mantis #5278
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Dizzy/knockdown works on players and NPCs but not creatures. Mantis #4784
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Field of pillars on Tatooine is no longer marked as a no build zone. Pillars are already scene objects and thus checked for collision. Mantis #5122
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Medical Center city specialization is no longer counted when checking if a player can heal wounds/buff. Mantis #4837
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Steady aim command will show "+Steady+" fly text over group members. Mantis #5031

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division
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    Support ticket system

    The SWGEmu Taff

    Support ticket system

    Our Support (ticket) System is not receiving email responses, so even though users are able receive our replies to their tickets by email, they will not be able to respond by email, or we wont receive their reply to be exact. Users will have to log into the Support System to reply back to their tickets.

    Once again, DO NOT reply to your tickets via email, we are not receiving your replies. Instead DO log in to the Support and leave your reply that way.

    We apologize for this inconvenience and we hope we will be able to get this fixed soon.

    ~The SWGEmu team
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    SWGEmu Staff needs your help

    The SWGEmu Staff

    SWGEmu Staff needs your help

    The SWGEmu Staff needs you to get involved. We are in the need of Support Staff and looking for players who know the game well. We have CSR and EC positions open and are looking to hire 6 people. You can find our application here. Please fill it out and submit it to the this address. Please be sure you have the application in the body of the ticket so that we may review it.

    The following requirements are for those who wish to apply:
    • Professionalism
    • Excellent work ethic
    • Positive attitude
    • Ability to work and learn in a team environment
    • Sufficient free time
    • Knowledge of SWGEmu project is required
    As of 2/10/14 we will continue on with the Events already scheduled but will not be accepting anymore until we are better staffed. An announcement will be posted when we start accepting more Event tickets. We are sorry for this inconvenience for those that enjoy them but we just do not have the staff for this at this time.
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    SWGEmu Recruitment

    Updated: April 12, 2013
    Development Division

    We are looking for passionate programmers who can dedicate some of their free time to volunteer for this project.

    Required Skills

    - Intermediate knowledge of C++ and/or Java
    - Minimum experience with the Unix/Linux environment
    - Familiar with scripting languages such as LUA

    Recommended Skills

    - Object oriented programming and design patterns
    - Understanding of transactional systems and client/server architecture
    - Concurrent programming (threads, mutexes)
    - Experience with SQL
    - Reverse engineering skills
    - Game modding experience

    How can I contribute?

    Contributing is easy if you have set up the environment and git you just commit reviews to http://gerrit.swgemu.com as simple patches. After we approve some of your patches and we see that you're comfortable with the framework you get git access so you can commit directly.
    If you have questions about the implementations you can directly ask TheAnswer on IRC through personal messages or in the #opendev channel.

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division