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Thread: Quality Assurance team - Community Testers Program recruitement

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    Quality Assurance team - Community Testers Program recruitement

    SWGEmu Recruitment

    SWGEmu Quality Assurance
    Community Tester Program

    Quality Assurance team - Community Testers Program (non-staff) recruitement

    Community Tester APPLICATION
    • Name of applicant (last name optional):
    • Age of applicant:
    • Email address:
    • Forum, Mantis, and Discord nickname:
    • Time zone:
    • Times you are most often available:

    SWG Knowledge/Experience:
    • When did you start playing SOEs retail SWG? (dates or publish specific):
    • What primary profession(s) did you play Pre-CU?
    • What other profession(s) have you tried Pre-CU?
    • What other experience do you have from Pre-CU?
    • How long have you been following this project?
    QA/Testing Experience:
    • Do you have any previous/current experience in testing/QA? If so, please explain:
    • Situational Assessment: A player comes to you in-game or on IRC/forums with a possible new bug. What is your immediate course of action?
    • Fill out a bug report. You may either link a report you submitted on Mantis previously or make up a new one using the form below.
    Report Details (feel free to include screenshot(s) if applicable):

    • Please add anything else you would like, to support your application:

    Please send reply to

    ~ The SWGEmu QA team
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