• SWGEmu AGPL Instructions and Requirements

    SWGEmu AGPL Instructions and Requirements

    May 2015
    The SWGEmu Team

    SWGEmu AGPL Instructions and Requirements - May 26, 2015

    Greetings SWGEmu community, contributors, testers, players and everyone else that supports this project in any way. Some time has passed since we announced the release of Engine3 without any time restrictions (original announcement can be found at: Public Engine3 without time restrictions.) While finalizing necessary information and details was a somewhat lengthy process, we felt the need to ensure that we did our best at getting the setup right the first time. We apologize for the delay, and thank you for your patience and support. And now without further ado:

    SWGEmu AGPL Instructions and requirements

    To enable communication and cooperation between all SWGEmu communities the licensing of core3 has been changed from GPL toAGPL. You can read the Core3 AGPL license here.

    The purpose of this change is to help ensure we all have an opportunity to pursue our wishes, share problems and resolutions openly, and maintain servers with greater stability. Included in the granted license is an updated version of the engine without any segfault timers. To be granted permission to use this license server admins will need to send and email to engine3@swgemu.com with the following info:

    Our focus will be the ‘unstable’ branch. We encourage other servers to use either the unstable branch or the latest publish branch of code. Anything older will not be supported [1] at all. Unstable is aptly named and will likely have major bugs from time to time, but it also has the latest features. The latest publish branch should be more stable but will be further removed from our working code. Issues with code from the latest publish branch may need to be reproduced on the unstable branch before they can be addressed. Not all fixes for bugs found in the latest publish will be pushed to that branch of code.

    [1] SWGEmu Support shall encompass review and acceptance of bugs and fixes for the Unstable and the Latest Publish code branches. SWGEmu reserves the right to review and accept OR deny submitted bugs and/or patches. If the bug is accepted by SWGEmu, it can be addressed and fixed by SWGEmu and/or Community Servers.

    Licensees must not make a profit from SWGEmu or SWGEmu related activities.
    Donations may be accepted to cover operational costs related to server hosting management and/or development. Micro-transactions for in-game rewards or incentives are not permitted.

    1. Administrator's name and email.
    2 persons (Primary and Alternate) that are responsible for the proper operation of the individual servers will be considered administrators.

    2. Host specifications and location:
    Ex. SWGEmu Server specs

    3. Summary of intent:
    This is a brief description of server options.
    Ex. pre-9 jedi, tef, char limits, etc
    *SWGEmu will maintain current goals

    4. Login instructions for users:
    To include but not limited to any information required for community members to log-in to the server.
    Examples: SWGEmu Account Registration, How to Install SWGEmu, SWGEmu Rules and Policies.

    5. Link to Open source repository:
    Open source repo’s will need to include but not be limited to:
    All Core3 files required to properly build and run the server. (core/scripts)
    (Ex. http://review.swgemu.com/ )

    6. A Contributor License Agreement is also required to push code back to swgemu core3.
    SWGEmu will review any code submissions that stay within our project goals. The CLA can be signed digitally once you have created an account on Gerrit Code Review.

    Systems currently implemented in support of community interaction.

    SWGEmu will host a new, official IRC channel for cross server cooperation. Please join #swgemuservers. Channel permissions to be determined. SWGEmu Leads to be channel owner. (Please register and identify your IRC nickname.) This channel is strictly moderated and is subject to SWGEmu Rules and Policies. Treat others with dignity and respect at all times.

    SWGEmu will also add sub-sections to the forums for the various servers. Each approved-license server can chose 2 representatives that will have their SWGEmu forums titles changed to “Server Name” Representative. These forums are strictly moderated and are subject to SWGEmu Rules and Policies. Treat others with dignity and respect at all times.

    Other systems to be implemented in support of community interaction.

    SWGEmu Development Wiki - Started

    Open source repository listing for shared server-side code, debug info, dev tools, qa tools, or any code or info in support of but not deemed to be within the current goals of SWGEmu. (Ex’s. https://github.com/Scurby , Scrapbook) - Declare a ‘community repo’

    Shared server mantis bug-tracker and knowledge base. The possibility of using in-game bug reporting/knowledge base to be explored. Setup a api/mantis hookup to post crash bugs. - Research and test.

    Important note

    Engine3 is fully owned and copyrighted and is not included in the AGPL licensing. SWGEmu is granted permission by the owner to use and distribute versions of Engine3 in support of Core3. Any questions concerning changes to Engine3 can be forwarded to the owner by SWGEmu for consideration.
    For your convenience we made an offline version of AGPL Instructions and Requirements shared as a downloadable pdf document. If you have any questions, need further clarification and/or guidance on the approval process or the above requirements feel free to contact Scurby, our QA leader on our IRC or email him at scurby@swgemu.com

    SWGEmu reserves the right to make further changes to AGPL Instructions and Requirements. No changes will take place without a proper and timely announcement.

    Thank you all for your dedication and continued support.

    ~The SWGEmu team
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