• 07/14/2013 Weekly Update

    Weekly Update

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    We are using Jenkins & Gerrit. You can find all commits to Basilisk here, and all commits to Test Center Nova here. You can still report all bugs you find on Test Center Nova to the Mantis Bug Tacker. A helpful guide to bug reporting can be found here.

    (Stable) = Commits are now on Basilisk
    (Unstable) = Commits are on TC Nova and are being tested

    TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
    • (Stable) [fixed] stability issue
    • (Stable) [changed] condomened structures will autodestroy after 1 month of negative maint
    • (Stable) [fixed?] ai locomotion updates
    • (Unstable) [fixed] memory leak

    • (Stable) [Adjusted] further the lair spawn density around small towns on Tatooine.
    • (Stable) [Added] zone check to isAttackableBy()
    • (Stable) [Added] Zone check to VehicleObject's isAttackableBy()
    • (Stable) [Fixed] SpawnGroup error
    • (Stable) [Reduced] again the spawn density around small tatooine towns
    • (Stable) [Fixed?] some instances of premature corpse despawn
    • (Stable) [Changed] newbie spawn areas are no longer world spawn areas
    • (Stable) [Changed] Mission terminals will once again filter out low levelmissions for higher level players/groups
    • (Unstable) [Fixed] One case of getting stuck on a vehicle while knocked down
    • (Unstable) [Fixed] mantis 4148
    • (Unstable) [Fixed] factory crates counting double when checking if they can be added to a building - mantis 4157
    • (Unstable) [Fixed] mid to high level combat characters not being able to get neutral faction destroy missions - mantis 4139
    • (Unstable) [Added] enemy flag to wolf kima - mantis 4127
    • (Unstable) [Removed] naked appearance option from hidden dagger dissidents - mantis

    • (Stable) [fixed] Compile issue
    • (Stable) [fixed] AIAgent now removes dead/unattackable targets
    • (Stable) [fixed] Vehicle is no longer attackable when destroyed
    • (Stable) [fixed] another instance of instant corpse despawn

    (Quality Assurance)
    • (Stable) [Fixed] Adjusted certian exploration badges that were not being
      awarded correctly.

    (Quality Assurance)
    • (Stable) [fixed] Mantis 4104

    Community contributors
    • (Stable) [Fixed] Added check for required ability when transferring structure ownership. Mantis 4118. -Feri
    • (Stable) [Updated] Fixed respawn timer to 5 mintues. Also cleaned up the code. -Nickwill86
    • (Unstable) [Fixed] Added check for building admin status when changing color of armor placed in a building. Mantis 4016. -Feri
    • (Unstable) [Changed] Mobile template for Commander Byrne. -Phaenom

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division