• 05/19/2024 Weekly Update

    Weekly Update

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    We are using Jenkins & Gerrit. You can find all commits to Test Center Nova here. You can still report all bugs you find on Test Center Nova to the Mantis Bug Tracker. A helpful guide to bug reporting can be found here.
    Our current focus is the 2023 checklist. SWGEmu Roadmaps can be viewed here (outdated)

    Non linked Mantis reports are in the dev/QA area and can not be viewed without dev/QA access.

    • (unstable)[Added] Ithorian players and vendors to species allow to wear crafters aprons
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Lugjack machine will now force close any currently open payout windows before creating a new one for the player - Mantis #9045
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Stability issues planet manager calls in director manager
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Player position when launching into POB ship
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Players position in ships being set improperly after hyperspacing
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue in select character callback

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division