Becoming a Padawan

By: Ithiris




This Guide is here to answer questions and provide guidance on how to progress from complete non-force sensitive to Jedi Padawan. It will likely require numerous revisions, but I'll try to do the best I can, if you spot something wrong, please PM me. Keep in mind this is NOT a guide through each of the Village Quests, I will be doing them all, and if the feedback to this guide is positive, I will look to do more in the future based on the Quests.
From 'normal' to 'glowing'.
This is the easiest part of the entire Jedi grind, simply collecting badges and completing themeparks and missions. Even a casual player should complete this in a week. There are various levels of force sensitivity, which can be checked using the /che command:
1 You feel no connection with the Force. 
2 You barely notice something different about yourself.
3 You feel a faint sense of the Force.
4 You have a strong sense of the Force within you.
5 You feel the Force surge within you.  
6 You feel an inner glow. The Force is with you.
Once you are 'glowing' with the Force, you are ready for the next stage, the Old Man.
See these Guides for a detailed explanation of the Badges required to get the inner glow of the Force:
The Old Man
Once you are 'glowing' with the Force, you should receive a visit from the Old Man, typically within 72hrs. The Old Man has been reported in many locations, both inside and outside player cities. He spawns randomly, however, it does seem that there are various things that you can do to hurry the Old Man to you. They are:
  • Travel by shuttle to another location, and wait a few minutes
  • Walk approximately 1000m outside of any player or NPC city limit
  • Enter combat whilst 1000m outside of a player city
  • Log in and out

The best method is often a combination. Shuttle to a city, walk 1000m outside of the city, linger a few moments, log out, wait ten minutes, log in, walk back, shuttle to another city, repeat. Eventually the Old Man will visit you, and ask if you have ever considered the possibility that you are Force Sensitive. If you say yes, he will offer you a crystal to protect, which acts as a log on your journey to Jedi. Once your conversation with the Old Man is complete, he despawns, and you are ready for the next stage.

The Sith

The Sith come in two parts. The first is a random spawn that operates in much the same way as the old man. They will appear and attack within 72hrs, you can use the same techniques listed above for causing an faster spawn, such as shuttling to another city etc. When they appear, they are very easily defeated, and you should loot them. There is a fair chance that they will have a datapad to use containing information regarding their basecamp, and a WP to it is added to your datapad.

[NB: If you do not loot the datapad, more Sith will attack at a later time, so don't worry, further chances to loot camp location datapads]

Once you have the Sith Camp WP, travel there. The Sith Camp has 3-4 NPC's, again, very easily defeated, and once more, a datapad with the Dathomire Village location, and a single unit of some mineral. Keep the mineral, and use the datapad to obtain the location for the Dathomire Village.

With the new WP for the Village, travel there.

The Village of Aurilia, and planning and training your Force Skills

The Village is located on Dathomire, 5000m South East of the Science Outpost. Once you are there, things start to get a little more complex, so pay attention.

The Village Quests simply allow you to unlock a branch and devote Force XP into the unlocked branch. There are four total skill trees: Combat Prowess, Crafting Mastery, Enhanced Reflexes and Heightened Senses. Each of these trees has four branches, so sixteen branches in total.

You must master SIX of the possible sixteen branches.

The trees and branches are as follows [Bonuses are in brackets]:

Combat Prowess: Ranged Accuracy [+12 ranged acc]
Combat Prowess: Ranged Speed [+12 ranged speed]
Combat Prowess: Melee Accuracy [+12 melee acc]
Combat Prowess: Melee Speed [+12 melee speed]
Crafting Mastery: Experimentation [+20 experimentation*]
Crafting Mastery: Repair [+20 repair]
Crafting Mastery: Assembly [+20 assembly]
Crafting Mastery: Technique [+4 technique]
*NB: This does NOT give 2 extra points during experimentation phase, just a higher chance of amazing success, and will probably work out better than a cities Research specialisation. City specialisation is an either or, it does not stack with this force skill, and the force skill will give better result than city specialisation.
Enhanced Reflexes: Ranged Defence [+20 ranged defence]
Enhanced Reflexes: Melee Defence [+20 melee defence]
Enhanced Reflexes: Vehicular Control [+20 vehicular control, +3 acceleration]
Enhanced Reflexes: Survival [+5 to: Camping, Foraging, Mask Scent, Creature Harvesting, Creature Knowledge, Trapping, Terrain Negotiation]
Heightened Senses: Healing [+20 to: Injury Treatment Speed, Wound Healing (Dancing), Wound Healing (Music)]
Heightened Senses: Surveying [+20 surveying]
Heightened Senses: Persuasion [+20 persuasion]
Heightened Senses: Luck [+4 luck]
The branches unlock four per village cycle, and there are four cycles. What you can unlock is set though, so, if you have free unlocks, ideally you want to unlock the skills you want that are normally unlocked in a later cycle.
Here are all the Phases and what can be unlocked in each Phase:
Village Phase 1: Combat Prowess: Ranged Accuracy
Village Phase 1: Enhanced Reflexes: Survival
Village Phase 1: Heightened Senses: Persuasion
Village Phase 1: Crafting Mastery: Assembly
Village Phase 2Combat Prowess: Melee Speed
Village Phase 2: Enhanced Reflexes: Vehicular Control
Village Phase 2: Heightened Senses: Luck
Village Phase 2: Crafting Mastery: Crafting Techniques
Village Phase 3: Combat Prowess: Melee Accuracy
Village Phase 3: Enhanced Reflexes: Ranged Defense
Village Phase 3: Heightened Senses: Survey Tree
Village Phase 3: Crafting Mastery: Experimentation
Village Phase 4: Combat Prowess: Ranged Speed
Village Phase 4: Enhanced Reflexes: Melee Defense
Village Phase 4: Heightened Senses: Healing
Village Phase 4: Crafting Mastery: Repair
Of these, you must pick six. For those who have free unlocks, the next part is important:
Imagine you want Combat Prowess: Ranged Accuracy, Melee Speed, Melee Accuracy, Ranged Speed, Enhanced Reflexes: Ranged Defence, Melee Defence.
You must bear in mind that YOU CAN ONLY DO ONE QUEST PER PHASE!
With this in mind, plan out what comes first in the list. For the above skills selected, my template is kinda like this:
Village Phase 1: Combat Prowess: Ranged Accuracy
Village Phase 2Combat Prowess: Melee Speed
Village Phase 3: Combat Prowess: Melee Accuracy
Village Phase 3: Enhanced Reflexes: Ranged Defense
Village Phase 4: Enhanced Reflexes: Melee Defense
Village Phase 4: Combat Prowess: Ranged Speed
Now, you can see here that I have two in Phase 3, and two in Phase 4. If I had no unlocks, I would have pick one of the Phase 3 skills and one of the Phase 4 skills to unlock through the quests, and then wait a FULL CYCLE before I could do the second skill in Phase 3, and then the second in Phase 4, delaying my Jedi Initiate by up to 12 weeks.
I would have to train in this order:
Week 1: Village Phase 1: Combat Prowess: Ranged Accuracy
Week 4: Village Phase 2Combat Prowess: Melee Speed
Week 7: Village Phase 3: Combat Prowess: Melee Accuracy
Week 10: Village Phase 4: Enhanced Reflexes: Melee Defense
Week 13: Village Phase 1: Nothing I desire available
Week 16: Village Phase 2Nothing I desire available
Week 19: Village Phase 3: Enhanced Reflexes: Ranged Defense
Week 22: Village Phase 4: Combat Prowess: Ranged Speed
However, if you are clever, you can use your free unlocks to reduce your waiting time. Imagine I have two free unlocks. First unlock would go on the last skill you would train, Combat Prowess: Ranged Speed, and the second unlock would be used for Enhanced Reflexes: Ranged Defense. This immediately means that the last skill you need to unlock by waiting for the normal village cycle and performing the relevant quest would be:
Week 10: Village Phase 4: Enhanced Reflexes: Melee Defense
Now I am finished on week 10, instead of week 22, all by careful planning of what skills I need, and what order to use my free unlocks.
To get a free unlock, you must talk to Paemos, who offers any free unlocks you might have. He will unlock the branch of your choice, and allocate enough xp to master that branch. Training is provided by Noldan.
Remember: Unlock ONE free branch at a time, train it, then return for another free branch.
Once you have attained your free unlocks, it's time to do the quests relevant to the other branches you want to do as part of the six required to move on to Jedi Initiate. Personally, I would do all of the quests, as there are some cool rewards.
Important! If you do not have any unlocks, you will need 50k of converted xp for the Novice skill, WHICH YOU MUST DO BEFORE YOU START THE QUESTS!
Quests and XP Conversion
Each NPC offers a different Quest in each Phase. One NPC will offer Quests to unlock Combat Prowess skills, another would offer Crafting Mastery, and so on. They will offer different Quests in each Phase.
Here are the Quests listed with their Phases, and their rewards:
Phase: Force Skill Tree: Specific Branch Unlocked: Quest Name: Reward
Phase 1: Combat Prowess: Ranged Accuracy: Angry Villagers: 10 Patrols unlocks, 20 obtains the Aurilian Banner
Phase 1: Enhanced Reflexes: Survival: Distraught Villagers: Aurilian Sculpure Part 3 of 4
Phase 1: Heightened Senses: Persuasion: Aid Station: 5 Villagers unlocks, 10 for +5 CM Exp necklace, 15 for House Plant
Phase 1: Crafting Mastery: Assembly: Clean Up Crew: Aurilian Sculpure Part 4 of 4
Phase 2Combat Prowess: Melee Speed: Raiding party: Durable Lathe [300 use melee p'up with +30 speed]
Phase 2: Enhanced Reflexes: Vehicular Control: Quarter Master: Focus crystal, +2000 health for 2hrs, once every 3 days
Phase 2: Heightened Senses: Luck: Construction Forman: Organic Survey Tool
Phase 2: Crafting Mastery: Crafting Techniques: Puzzled Engineer: Not Known
Phase 3: Combat Prowess: Melee Accuracy: Armed Group: Power Crystal, if grouped, a +900 mind crystal, useable every 96hrs
Phase 3: Enhanced Reflexes: Ranged Defense: Raiding Party: Item with limited uses, adds +10 to ranged defence
Phase 3: Heightened Senses: Survey Tree: Construction Forman: Not Know
Phase 3: Crafting Mastery: Experimentation: Engineer: Not Known
Phase 4: Combat Prowess: Ranged Speed: Village Elder: Aurilian Sculpure Part 1 of 4
Phase 4: Enhanced Reflexes: Melee Defense: Village Elder: Not Known
Phase 4: Heightened Senses: Healing: Fenzied Doctor: Not Known
Phase 4: Crafting Mastery: Repair: Chief Engineer: Aurilian Sculpure Part 2 of 4
The following NPC's and their quest types:
  • Captain Sarguillo: Combat Prowess
  • Whip: Enhanced Reflexes
  • Silvarra: Heightened Senses
  • Quharek: Crafting Mastery
  • Alpoka: Heightened Senses
    Once a branch is unlocked, you must grind experience (any type) and talk to Paemos, who will convert the normal xp into force xp. There are limitations on what kind of normal xp can be used in what tree. For instance, unarmed, combat or rifles xp is only suitable for the Combat Mastery and Enhanced reflexes. Merchant and crafting xp is suitable for Crafting Mastery, and so on.
  • The conversion ratio is often steep, you will have to grind hard in order to earn enough experience to fill each branch. This will be no walk in the park. Here are the ratio's:

    Combat & Reflex xp
    • Weapons (any type) xp 30:1
    • Combat xp 3:1
    • Squad Leader xp 90:1
    • Bounty Hunter Investigation xp 5:1
    Sense xp
    • Image Design xp 15:1
    • Dancing xp 10:1
    • Musician xp 10:1
    • Entertainer Healing xp 10:1
    • Survival xp  5:1
    • Scout xp 8:1
    • Trapping xp 15:1
    • Medical xp 10:1
    • Surveying xp 5:1
    • Merchant xp 4:1
    • Creature Handling xp 9:1
    • Slicing xp 3:1
    • DNA Sampling xp 3:1
    Crafting xp
    • General Crafting xp 8:1
    • Architect xp 35:1
    • All other crafting 5:1

    The easiest method would probably be to pick your six branches from the Combat Prowess and Enhanced Reflexes trees, as with an elite melee profession, you should be able to grind xp very fast. Once you max out your xp, travel to the village, and talk to Paemos to have the xp converted to force xp. Then it's back to the grind for more xp, until you max, return to the Village and Paemos, convert the xp, rinse and repeat, until you have enough force xp to master a new box, and then you talk to Noldan, for training.

    If there are no branches unlocked for you to train in, you are perhaps waiting for a later stage, simply grind xp anyway, and convert it, until your force xp is maxed out, and then max out your other normal xp too, so that when you unlock another branch, you have plenty of xp to devote to the new branch, speeding up your grinding process.

    No Force-Sesitive xp cap has been discovered as yet, but it is safe to assume that like most other xp's, it is twice the current highest skill box.

    Once you have unlocked six branches, and converted enough xp to master those branches, you will be eligible for the Jedi Padawan Trials.

    Jedi Initiate

    When you have mastered six branches of the Force Sensitive trees, you will again be visited by the Old Man. He will give you a datapad that contains the location of an NPC named Mellichae. You must find and kill him to start your quest for Jedi Padawan.
    This ain't too easy, although if you are a double melee elite master with some medic, you might solo it. Otherwise bring friends. Here is the low down on what you will be facing:
    Mellichae: 55k HAM, 80% resist to everything except Lightsabers. Is surrounded by four force crystals of some sort that you must destroy, as he uses them to heal himself and is virtually unkillable until the force crystals are gone. Armed with a Lightsaber, Force Choke, and Force Lightening.
    Daxter: 25k HAM, 80% resists to everything except Lightsabers.
    Sith: A bunch of Sith NPC's, roughly eight, not to difficult to dispatch.
    You must first destroy the four force crystals, each has approximately 40k HAM. Take out the Sith and Daxter where possible, and finally, kill Mellichae. Upon completion, you can begin your grind towards Padawan.
    Padawan Trials
    This is the best info I can find from various threads, I don't know many people at this point, but a guild member is about to undergo them in a few days, so I will update with better info as and when I get it from him.
    Some small points:
    • Avoid missions on Rori, apparently they are bugged.
    • You may need good Gungan faction for one of the missions.
    • For the Chef mission, you do not need high Cobral Faction, simply refuse to help him get revenge.
    And, the Trials:
    Architect Trial: A jedi must gather all possible information before making his decision. You will be given a waypoint. Travel there, and speak to two disputing parties. As far as I can tell, speak to everyone involved, then your decision should be that the Gungan can keep his land.
    Artist Trial: A Jedi must understand the motivations and desires of others without becoming emotianlly involved. Again, you are given a waypoint to travel to. Speak to the Artist, Sathme, and her assistant. The winning decision is to return the supplies to the artist, and tell her that her assistant will not be coming back.
    Bad Cat Trial: A Jedi must do everything possible to keep innocent civilians from being in danger. Another waypoint, leading you to actor Yvana Bailer, who asks for help ending the rampage of an escaped cat. Kill the wild cat to complete the trial.
    Chef Trial: A Jedi must be willing to put himself in danger in order to do what is right. A waypoint leads to a Chef who wants you to find out who is stealing his goods. I would imagine that you would hunt down the people stealing, however, since it is possible to cheat on this Trial, by telling him you won't help [this completes the trial for you], I cannot find any accurate information. Will update later.
    Old Musician Trial: A Jedi must always display respect and dignity when interacting with others. Travel to the waypoint, speak with Grizzlo, the old musician. He wants you to find the members of his band. Travel first to Eisley, then to Lok, speak to the NPC's at the wp's, and finally return to Grizzlo with the ring you attain.
    Pannaqa Trial: A Jedi should always be willing to lend a helping hand whenever possible. Travel to the waypoint, speak with the Farmer, Pannaqa, who needs help obtaining parts for his vibro-tiller. Speak to the first NPC, and then move on to the second NPC, who it appears you must tell you don't trust, and that you will do it for him... you are given a vibro tiller to return to the farmer, completing the trial.
    People's Soldier Trial: A Jedi must put aside personal feelings when aiding someone they might not find appealing. Travel to the waypoint, speak to Torin Gundo, who gives you a mission to kill a thug. Kill the thug to complete the Trial.
    Sob Story Trial: A Jedi should remain calm in the face of emotion. Travel to the waypoint, and speak to Erim Thelcar. She asks that you find her brother, or his remains, and return the blaster that was a family heirloom. I think that there is another waypoint, where you find his remains, and loot the blaster, which can be returned to Erim to complete the Trial.
    Spice Mom Trial: A Jedi should always strive for understanding rather than blind faith. Travel to the waypoint, speak with Sola Nosconda, who will ask you to pick up some items. Speak with the Spice dealer, obtain the spices, return to Sola. You must get her to threaten you before you hand over the spices. If you do that, the Trial will be successful.
    Surveyor Trial: A Jedi should be prepared to undertake that which others will not. Follow the waypoints to Par Doiae, who wants you to kill a Sharnaff bull that is terrorising a site he wants to build on. Kill the bull to complete the trial.
    Politician Trial: A Jedi should be equally a public servant and a public defender. Travel to the waypoint to speak with Kaul Dysen, who wants help killing a Bloodseeker Mite that is terrorising the local populace. Find and kill it to complete the Trial.
    The Ring Trial: A Jedi must recognize chaos but not become a part of it. Follow the waypoints to Keicho, who has had his wife's mothers wedding ring stolen and wants it back. Find the thug that stole it, converse with him and choose to fight, then return the ring to Keicho to complete the Trial.
    The Baz Nitch Trial: A Jedi must be an able and courageous warrior. Follow the waypoints to Menchi, who asks that you kill 20 Baz Nitch's. Kill twenty to complete the Trial. They are found on Dathomir.
    The Sludge Panther Trial: A Jedi must do whatever is possible to protect the natural order of the universe. Follow the waypoints, speak to Luha, who asks you to kill 20 sludge panthers. Kill 20 to complete the Trial. The can be found near Dearic, or the Lost City of Durbin.
    The Falumpaset Panther Trial: A Jedi must understand that there are times when a greater good outweighs a lesser evil. Follow the waypoints, speak to Braganta, who asks you to kill 20 falumpasets. Kill 20 to complete the Trial. Gungan sacred place or missions to complete.
    Craft Lightsaber Trial: Thanks to your progress thus far, you have been granted the rank of Jedi Initiate. With this honor comes the ability to craft your first lightsaber. Such is your next task... to craft yourself a lightsaber. Craft one to complete the Trial, this is the final Trial, and once complete, you are a Jedi Padawan. You will need a single force crystal to tune to complete this Trial.