About Bio-Engineering Bonuses

Quick and Dirty Breakdown Sheet by item/bonus


Bio engineering bonuses are bonuses that are built directly into clothing at the time of creation and are built into the cloth itself. They are separate from bonuses derived from dropping skill enhancers into sockets – they are totally different and separate. The presence of bio bonuses does not reduce the number of sockets an item might also have. At this writing - skill tapes still have some major issues, even once they work properly - only 6 mods can be present in an item total. If you have a bio modded piece with medic - that's 2 seperate bonuses, if that item has 4 sockets - 4 skill tapes could be added to it. If you have an item with say medic/scout bonuses - that's 4 individual bonuses - so if you have 4 sockets on that item - you should still be able to add 2 skilltapes to it.

Bonuses that enhance skills are only useful to those people that already HAVE some of that skill. For instance, medic bonuses aren't going to do you a bit of good unless you have at least novice medic skills.

Items have a maximum bonus of 25 per item – for any given bonus. The maximum of any particular bonus on the CHARACTER is also 25, even though the numbers keep running up in your stats totals. I would not recommend investing in over 25 of any individual bonus.

First, let's cover the what they are question. There are two main groups of bio-wear bonuses. These can be separated by what kind of cloth they can be used in; Synthetic Cloth bonuses and Reinforced Cloth bonuses.

Note: Boots, shoes, belts, gloves, jewelry and backpacks do not require any cloth in their construction so no bio bonuses are available.

Bonuses available for Synthetic cloth are.

Medic – This bonus used in synthetic cloth increases the wearers wound and injury treatment abilities. Previously medical use was included in this bonus – but it never worked and has been removed. Just ignore it if you have a piece that's preexisting – it doesn't do anything and never did.

Entertainer – This is a bonus to an entertainer's wound healing abilities – has both dancer and musician wound healing in the buff.

Creature Handler – Milk is finally available - this bonus grants added taming of wild and viscious creatures skill. This does NOT let you tame animals that are higher - it does help with failures on wild and viscious taming - it can also allow you to call borderline pets that you may be able to tame - but not call unless you are a Wookiee.

Bonuses available for Reinforced cloth are.

Bleed Resist – Pretty self explanatory, increases bleed resistance.

Brawler – This bonus is an increase to intimidate and warcry skills.

Defense – Actually a double bonus, this one adds to melee resistance and stun  resistance. Melee is a minor bonus in this one - will not be equal to the stun which is always greater. Melee normally caps at 4 per tissue - so even a full set of nothing but defense modded clothing is not likely to hit the 25 max cap.

Scout – This bonus adds to camouflage and mask scent skills.

Sniper – This bonus adds to cover skill.


How they are used

Alright, that's WHAT they are, but the subject of how they are used gets a bit complex. All bio bonuses are put into their corresponding cloth type as step one. Once the suitable cloth has been created with bonuses then it depends on what any particular tailoring recipe calls for as ingredients and amounts of cloth on how much and whether any particular bonus can be applied to a specific piece. Bonuses will stack up to the maximum 25 per bonus per item limit if the recipe can handle that many sheets of cloth.

Here are a few quick and dirty examples.

This is the recipe for a Belted Vest.

1. Requires 2 identical Synthetic Cloth
2. Requires 45 units of Hides
3. Requires 2 identical Metal Fasteners

Notice this first calls for Synthetic Cloth – so we know that only medic, entertainer or creature handler buffs are available. Next, this is calling for 2 identical pieces so only one of the three can be chosen. Lastly – this all occurs in one spot on the schematic so you are probably going to pay more for waste - but only get the benefit of one sheet's worth of bonus.

This is the recipe for a Grand Ball Gown

1. Requires 60 units of Hides
2. Requires 3 identical Trim
3. Requires 2 identical Jewelry Setting
4. Requires 50 units of Metal
5. Requires 3 identical Synthetic Cloth
6. Requires 2 identical Synthetic Cloth

This recipe is similar, still calling for identical Synthetic Cloth so the potential bonuses are from the medic, entertainer or creature handler line – however now we have two instances of cloth. In this case, one could have two of the three applicable bonuses or choose only one and have a higher overall total bonus. Doubling up on one bonus will stack all the numbers up to the 25 point maximum, but be prepared for a large waste charge on this - you'll be using 5 pieces of modded cloth - and only getting the benefit of two if one bonus is chosen for maximum benefit - however that can easily hit the 25 pt max for that bonus.

This is the recipe for the ever popular Gunman's Duster

1. Requires 4 identicalSynthetic Cloth
2. Requires 40 units of Metal

Again a Synthetic Cloth recipe, one instance so only one of the three potential bonuses can be applied, all in one slot means you'll only get the benefit on one sheet's worth of bonus - but likely paying a surcharge for 3 waste sheets of modded cloth.

This is the recipe for the Wookiee Shoulder Pad – the only Wookiee piece that can accept reinforced cloth bonuses.

1. Requires 1 Reinforced Fiber Panel
2. Requires 40 Bone
3. Requires 1 Metal Fastener
4. Requires 2 identical Synthetic Cloth

Now, this is an example of a mixed cloth type recipe - there aren't many of them. Having one instance of Synthetic Cloth – 2 panels means this can accept one of the three synthetic cloth bonuses PLUS one panel of reinforced means it can also accept one of the five reinforced panel bonuses. There will likely be a surcharge on this one if you want the synthetic cloth bonus - but plain will work just as well if you just desire the reinforced type bonus.

This explanation will mean little to anyone but a tailor, but as a customer wondering what is available – more instances of cloth = more potential bonus is really all you have to remember, as well as identical cloth will likely mean a surcharge for waste.

On this site we have broken synthetic cloth bonuses down with separate entries for each possible instance in any individual item. There are no recipes that exist with multiple instances of reinforced cloth so if that is available – it's always going to be an either/or choice, never a this AND that choice.

A great site to see recipes is SWGcraft.com if you are ever interested in the exact potential makeup of a recipe. I've done a quick and dirty breakdown sheet to show potential bonus strengths for tailored goods.

All the Bio bonus schematic requirements are included online, or download the excel file to play with resources you may have on hand.

As a general rule, checking off which types of bonuses you desire is all that is necessary and your tailor will take it from there and let you know your options based on any individual piece.

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