• Configuring mIRC

    Configuring mIRC

    It usually only takes a few minutes to get started with mIRC.
    The following guide will take you through the first few steps of downloading and using mIRC.

    Table of Contents

    Step 1. Downloading and installing mIRC
    Step 2. Running mIRC for the first time
    Step 3. Entering your personal info
    Step 4. Entering the SWGEmu server info
    Step 5. Selecting and Connectng to SWGEum IRC
    Step 6. Joining #swgemu and #status channels
    Step 7. Retrieving a list of available channels
    Step 8. Registering your Nickname
    Step 9. Configuring "Perform" option
    Step 10. List of most commonly used IRC commands

    Step 1. Downloading and installing mIRC

    Before you can start using mIRC, you will need to download and install it. If you have already done that, you can skip this step.
    You can download mIRC by clicking here. A download window should appear, similar to the one below. You should click the Run or Open button.

    Once the download has completed, the mIRC installer will appear. You should follow the steps in the installer and install mIRC.

    Step 2. Running mIRC for the first time

    Run mIRC by double-clicking on the mIRC icon on your desktop or in your Windows Start menu. You should then see the “Options” window, “Connect” category which you can use to connect to IRC.

    If by any chance “Options” window doesn’t appear, click on the “Options” button up at the top, it looks like a switch with a hammer next to it.

    Step 3. Entering your personal info

    Under “Connect” you will need to enter something for your Full Name and Email Address. These do not have to be your real full name and email address.
    Put in your Nickname and your Alternate Nickname., those are the names by which other people will know you on IRC.

    Then, click on the "Servers" category, and click the "Add" button.

    Step 4.
    Entering the SWGEmu server info

    Fill in the following fields like so:

    Leave everything else blank.

    Step 5. Selecting and Connectng to SWGEum IRC

    Click "OK" and in the “Servers” category window highlight the server you just created and press the "Select" button.

    Then click the "Connect" button in the “Options” window, ”Connect” category.

    Or close “Options” window and click on the “Connect” button at the top left corner of mIRC window (it's the little yellow lightning).

    Step 6. Joining #swgemu and #status channels

    Once you connect to the main SWGEmu IRC channel type:

    /join #swgemu

    to join the main lobby...


    /join #status

    to join the server status lobby, to check if TC: Nova and Basilisk servers are ONLINE.

    From there, both channels work just like any other chat program.

    Step 7. Retrieving a list of available channels

    The next step is to get a list of the active channels on this network by opening the Tools menu and selecting the Channels List menu item.

    This will open the Channels List window below which you can use to get the list of channels.

    You can now click the “Get List” button and mIRC will get the list of active channels from the network.
    Once the listing has finished, you can double-click on channels to join them, or right-click for other options.

    You have just connected to the SWGEmu IRC, joined a channel, and retrieved a list of the active channels on a network

    Step 8. Registering your Nickname

    A word of warning: while on the IRC server, you do not own your nickname. As soon as you disconnect, someone else can come and take the nickname you were just using.

    To protect it, you must register with NickServ. What you should do is type...

    /msg NickServ REGISTER password email

    It should look something like...

    /msg NickServ REGISTER 125my-password-here-1857 my_email@something_something.com

    This will keep unauthorized users for using the nickname without your permission. I suggest you do this straight away.
    However, in order to use it yourself, you must identify yourself each time you sign on. To do so, type...

    /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password

    So this should look like something like...

    /msg NickServ IDENTIFY 125my-password-here-1857

    Bad news is, in order to be identified you will have to do this every time you connect to SWGEmu IRC.
    Good news is, mIRC can do it for you, and not just that.

    Step 9. Configuring "Perform" option

    Go to “Options” again, and in “Options” category press “Preform” button.

    It will open a new “Perform” window. Mark “Enable perform on connect” .
    In the textbox below enter those commands you will use every time you log on SWGEmu IRC, for example...

    This will identify you as soon as you connect to SWGEmu IRC and you will automatically join both #swgemu and #status channel.

    There are one or two more thing you may want to mark or unmark in the “Options” category.
    If you want connect to other IRC servers you may want to unmark “Connect on startup” , that way you can chose the server you want before you connect.
    And you may want to mark “Reconnect on disconnect” so you don’t have to worry about losing connection to the server.

    Step 10. List of most commonly used IRC commands

    In this part of the guide we will list and explain some of the basic IRC commands you may find useful.

    /away Sets you away leave a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC.

    /away Sets you being back.

    /disconnect Forces a hard and immediate disconnect from your IRC server. Use it with care.

    /exit Forces mIRC to shutdown and close.

    /help Brings up the Basic IRC Commands section in the mIRC help file.

    /ignore [-rpcntiu#][on|off|nickname|address] [type] Ignores a nick or address or sets ignore on or off totally. -r to remove.

    /invite <#channel> Invites another user to a channel.

    /join <#channel> Makes you join the specified channel.

    /kick <#channel> Kicks nickname off a given channel.

    /log [on|off] [windowname] Shows the logging status or sets it on or off for the window.

    /me Sends the specifed action to the active channel or query window.

    /msg <#channel|nickname> Send a private message to this user without opening a query window.

    /names <#channel> Shows the nicks of all people on the given channel.

    /nick Changes your nickname to whatever you like.

    /part <#channel> Makes you leave the specified channel.

    /partall Makes you leave all channels you are on.

    /query Open a query window to this user and send them the private message.

    /quit [reason] Disconnect you from IRC with the optional byebye message.

    /time Tells you the time on the server you use.

    /timestamp [-a|e|s] [on|off] [window] For Turning on/off timestamping in windows or globally. (-s = for status window, -a = for active window, -e = for every window)

    /version Tells you the version of the IRC server you use.

    /who <#channel> Shows the nicks of all people on the given channel.

    /who <*address.string*> Shows all people on IRC with a matching address.

    /whois Shows information about someone in the status window.

    /whowas Shows information about someone who -just- left IRC.


    For additional help please come to our live support: https://support.swgemu.com

    ~ The SWGEmu Team
  • SWGEmu Server Status

    Nova Test Center

    Status: Online

    Population: 1

    Highest Population: 1

    Maximum Capacity: 3000

    Uptime: 3hrs 13min 47sec

    Last updated 2sec


    Status: Online

    Population: 505

    Highest Population: 1247

    Maximum Capacity: 3000

    Uptime: 1day 3hrs 39min 8sec

    Last updated 2sec