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Thread: Launchpad Enhanced issues - 07/21/13

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    Launchpad Enhanced issues - 07/21/13

    Launchpad Enhanced issues

    June 21st, 2013
    The SWGEmu Staff

    ISSUE (kinda) RESOLVED!!! - keep reading...

    It seems that swgemu_login.cfg file that LPE downloads has rolled back to a file that is 5 years old lol.

    You will need to change the server address in swgemu_login.cfg (located in C:\SWGEmu folder) from chicago2.swgemu.com to login.swgemu.com

    Launchpad Enhanced issues 07/21/13

    Seems that LPE host is having some issues. At this point I have no info about what caused it and how long it is going to be offline.


    • Go to C:\SWGEmu folder (default location) and locate swgemu.exe and use it to launch the game, it will bypass LPE

    • Those that had a working SWGEmu client before LPE issues started but they screwed it up by reinstalling LPE or whatever can try System restore option in Windows. Roll back your system a day or two and you'll have a working SWGEmu client. Then just use SWGEmu.exe to run the game.

    • Those that are installing SWGEmu for the first time will have to wait for LPE to start working again.

    ~The SWGEmu Staff
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    There does seem to be a problem with the LPE, mine is loading very slowly indeed but has eventually updated and shows Play (for anyone who doesn't know, you can run SWGEmu.exe directly from the folder where SWGEmu is installed if need be)

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    SWGEmu Launchpad Enhanced not working?

    Anyone else having a problem with the launcher? It acted up turned red.. tried to fix it.. I couldn't

    So I uninstalled the launcher went to re download it and I get a "this site isn't working" when I try to download it.

    Please help! =(


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    ya its down.

    The Vlada

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    Here I am trying to get on and recruit a few people lol, figures it would be offline. I'm going to guess there are no safe backup mirrors? Thanks guys,


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    Having the same problem myself. Tried suggestions on troubleshooting page with no luck

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    How do I resolve this?
    When it started playing up I reinstalled SWG, and used a previously saved copy of LPE, but it's throwing errors about not being able to get version information. SWGEmu isn't actually installed at this time.

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    launcher stuck on updating for ages now no play button

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    Having the same issue. Getting an error when trying to re-download the LPE.


    Not Found
    The requested URL /installer/LPESetup.exe was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
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    I'm also having problems with it. I did a soft log which crashed, and now the updater is stuck on "updating" where the "play" button should be even though the update itself finished. The information panel on the side of the launcher is also an error page instead of the links, refreshing it does not repair it.

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    I can't even download LPE... can someone upload it somewhere?

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    Anyone found a way past this? Iím like a crack fiend searching for rockÖ. I need MY SWG!!

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    hullo all i have the same please help us!

    all donwload links are not working, but thanks to the force i had the launcher-zip... so i deleted the launcher, reinstalled but it doesnt work!
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    there is no death, there is the force.

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    damn, i have a feeling we won't play swg too soon...

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    Same problem. After running a full scan I get the play button to appear, but when I click it, i get 'access to the path C:/SWGemu/SWGemu. exe is denied', whether running the lpe as admin or not.
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