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Thread: Publish 3: GCW, Base Busting, Screenplays and Quest

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    Publish 3: GCW, Base Busting, Screenplays and Quest

    Publish 3: GCW, Base Busting, Screenplays and Quest

    June 2nd, 2013
    The SWGEmu Development Division

    Publish 3: GCW, Base Busting, Screenplays and Quest

    • Increased server stability.
    • Added Database compression.
    • Added Server quest statitics.
    • Added cleanup for characters deleted from SQL db but still exist in object db.

    POI/Cave/World - Added spawns to the following locations:
    • Rori: Rebel base, Kobola Bunker, Imperial Encampment, Borgle Bat Cave, Garyn Raider's Bunker, Gungan Swamp Town, Giant Bark Mite Cave, Pygme Torton Cave, Cobral Hideout, Corellia Stronghold.
    • Talus: Aakuan Cave, Banaryre Pirate Bunker, Chunker Bunker, Mite Cave, Fynock cave, Kahmurra Station, Lost Aqualish Cave, Weapons Depot (Rebel NPC), Detainment Center, Corsec vs. Flail Battle, Imperial Outpost.
    • Endor: Orphaned Marauder Cave, Donkuwah POI, Ewok Outcast Tree, Gondula POI, Minor static spawns for Jinda, Korga, Panshee and Pubam.
    • Lok: Imperial Outpost, Kimogila Town, Downed Blood Razor Transport, Canyon Corsairs Stronghold.
    • Tatooine: Jawa vs. Tusken battle at Sandcrawler, Ancient Krayt Dragon Skeleton, Tusken Fort and Fort Tusken pool.
    • Yavin4: Imperial Base, Woolamanders outside of the Woolamander temple.
    • Dathomir: Sarlacc, Imperial Prison, Nightsister vs. Singing Mountain Clan, Nightsister Stronghold, Dathomir crash site.
    • Naboo: Gungan Temple, Imperial vs. Gungan, Pirate Bunker, Veermok cave.

    • Added the ability to milk creatures.
    • Added additional creature types and npc lairs to all planets.
    • Added newbie lair spawns to several planets.
    • Tweaked Krayt graveyard spawns.
    • Added spawns to introduce domesticated meat
    • Changed lair spawns to be more like it was on live.
    • Fixed Ancient Krayt exploit.
    • Fixed exploit where certain NS/SMC would not attack ranged players.
    • Fixed several naked NPCs.
    • Updated enemy flag, aggressive state, size, stats, loot, weapons, attacks, and/or resources on many mobs.
    • Fixed NPC lairs (missions) to no longer spawn additional mobs when the lair is attacked.

    Player Cities
    • Fixed Mayor citizenship issues.
    • Added 'Restore Mayor Citizenship' option to City Hall terminal.
    • Mayor can now register and receive voting XP in unchallenged elections.
    • Incumbent mayor will no longer auto register for elections and no longer appear twice on the ballot.
    • Candidates can now unregister from election.
    • Election registration will now lock in final election week of election.
    • Emails are now sent out after each election.
    • Fixed several city email display issues.
    • Factional mission terminals can now be placed in player cities.
    • Terminals in player cities can now be sliced.
    • City militia now requires zoning rights. - (Mayors always have zoning rights.)
    • Added player city sales and travel taxes.
    • Added player city structure maintenance reports.
    • Added structure terminals to player city garages.
    • Added insurance terminals to player city cloners. - (Requires re-deeding)
    • City structures are now transferred to new mayors after elections.
    • City structures will now only register on the planetary map if the city the is registered.
    • Fixed load-in points for player city shuttleports.
    • Fixed player city 'phantom' shuttles.
    • Fixed player city shuttleports to show on the planetary map. - (Requires re-deeding)
    • Fixed maintenance rate on player cantinas, hospitals, and theaters. - (This fix is retroactive to existing buildings)
    • City decorations will now be tracked and limited based on rank.
    • Fixed city update to Metropolis and city advancement information for Metropolis.

    • Survey missions will now take the resource type one level above. - (I.E. Iron now is Ferrous Metal)
    • Bounty targets can no longer spawn in water.
    • Fixed mission NPC's spawning in/under buildings.
    • Fixed Bounty Hunter mission targets to no longer spawn with the same X and Y coordinates.
    • Fixed accepting an accepted mission
    • Added Mokk scout, Kunga scout and Janta scout lairs to the mission terminals.

    • Fishing catches can now be picked up.
    • Corrected the way to handle sockets and attachments.
    • Composite armor color can now be changed via radial menu.
    • Fixed bug causing armor to display 0 stats.
    • Added X31 speeder to starting items for new characters.
    • Jetpacks now hover several meters above ground.
    • Backpacks can no longer be overloaded.
    • SE Goggles can now have their lens color changed via radial menu.

    Theme Parks/Quests
    • Added Tekil Barje Quest.
    • Added Eran Sif Quest.
    • Added Rakir Banai's Quest.
    • Added Captain Gavyn Sykes Quest.
    • Added Luthik Uwyr Jedi Temple Quest.
    • Added Pfilbee Jhorn Quest.
    • Added Mat Rags Quest.
    • Added Xaan Talmaron Quest.
    • Added Kelvus Naria Quest.
    • Added Jatrian Lytus Quest.
    • Added Drakka Judarrl Quest.
    • Added LX 466 Quest.
    • Added SG-567 Quest.
    • Added Kitster Banai Quest.
    • Added Booto Lubble Quest.
    • Added Ajuva Vanasterin Quest.
    • Added Draya Korbinari Quest.
    • Added Hefsen Zindalai Quest.
    • Added Indintra Imbru Yerevan Quest.
    • Added Magur Torigai Quest.
    • Added Sloan Rusper Quest.
    • Fixed several ‘running loop’ NPC’s
    • Theme park logic now has return waypoints.
    • Fixed and cleaned up Vardias Tyne Quest.
    • Added additional paintings as reward from Ephant Mon.
    • Fixed several R.I.S. Quest bugs.
    • Added several tweaks to themepark logic.

    • Added many no-build zones to the world.
    • Added check so builings can no longer be overlapped.
    • Fixed floating sign on merchant tents – (Requires re-deeding)
    • Added medical rating to all adventure planet taverns!
    • Emptying harvesters will no longer deselect the current resource.
    • Fixed structure maintenance reduction for all pay methods
    • Fixed error message given when trying to place a structure while mounted.
    • Fixed placing structures in the same place simultaneously.
    • PayMaintenanceCommand will now use the targeted object if selected instead of using the closest structure.

    • Trandoshan Regeneration ability can now only be used by Trandoshans.
    • Added racial prerequisite check for skills.
    • Added Wookiee Roar ability.
    • Zabraks can now have hyphens and apostrophes in their names.

    • Loot rights are now based off of group damage.
    • Fixed permission issue where players outside group could open loot window.
    • Added resource recycler schematics and parts to loot.
    • Added Jetpack parts to random blacksun spawns.
    • All loot containers in populated POIs now have a chance to contain loot.
    • Donkuwah NPC spawns can now drop Donkuwah Poison, Donkuwah Knives, and Donkuwah Bone Armor segments.
    • Ewoks now drop low end loot.
    • Added Ewok crossbow as a very rare drop.
    • Fixed green cubes to have integrity on them.
    • Fixed yellow cube to have the correct armor base effectiveness.
    • Fixed interwoven bone armor segment schematic.
    • Fixed fire spider loot.
    • Added loot to a few creatures that can work as spice.
    • Kliknik glands now drop.
    • Kliknik glands can now be used to enhance grenades stats.
    • Fixed several high end mobs loot tables.

    • Added factional bases and turrets.
    • Master smuggler now receives a 25% faction perk discount.
    • Smugglers now need to be Special Forces to bribe a recruiter.
    • Added /gcw command to see which faction controls the planet.
    • Added recruiter status to high ranking imperial and rebel officers NPCs.
    • Combatants can now get military destroy missions.
    • Fixed several recruiter spawns.
    • Added Rebel recruiter to Tyrena.
    • Players must now have 200 faction points in order join a faction or speak to a recruiter.
    • Updated attacks, weapons, and loot on all faction mission targets.
    • Added Imperial racial penalties for faction perks.
    • Added an XP bonus for faction controlling a planet.
    • Faction perk cost penalty for faction not in control of a planet.
    • BH, BE, & Commando can now gain XP for slicing HQ terms.

    • Fixed the Auto retrieve feature for the bazaar.
    • Reduced bazaar listing time to 7 days.
    • Bazaar/Vendor in game mail now properly states where the transaction occurred.
    • Fixed structure terminal's Find Lost Items feature to no longer move vendors.
    • Fixed bazaar fee reductions.
    • Zabrak vendors can now be customized.

    • Looted schematics can no longer be learned when already known.
    • Fixed display of looted components on manufacturing schematics.
    • Architect: Fixed Mineral Mining Installation schematic requirements.
    • Architect: Fixed Light Ore Mining Unit complexity.
    • Architect: Added additional Fountains, Statues, and Streetlamps to crafting process.
    • Artisan: Melee power ups are now able to have min damage as a secondary stat.
    • Bio-Engineer: Fixed BE tissue experimentation percentages.
    • Chef: Fixed bio-component being optional in food additives.
    • Doctor / Combat Medic: Fixed stats & experimentation on several schematics.
    • Droid Engineer: Added Droid Reconstruction Kit - B schematic that was missing.
    • Droid Engineer: Seeker and Arayd droids now have correct number of uses.
    • Weaponsmith: Corrected min and max damage on AOE chemicals.
    • Weaponsmith: Fixed Geonosian Sword Core schematic to require Master Weaponsmith skill to learn.
    • Weaponsmith: Fixed missing chemical dispersion mechanism schematic.
    • Weaponsmith: Fixed number of uses on executioner’s hack schematic.


    • Smuggler
    • Laser knives now only use charges when cutting a wire.
    • Added skill checks for slicing.
      Scout / Ranger
    • Fixed lair foraging.
    • Fixed glow-juice trap fail message.
    • Camping XP bonus is now based on camp type, camp duration and are now added ontop of the base camping xp.
    • Assuming camp ownership now checks a player's skill and whether they already have a camp placed.
    • Assuming camp ownership now sends a system message upon success.
    • Camp vistor list, accrued XP, and duration are reset upon camp ownership.
    • Fixed XP gained from High Tech Field Bases.
    • Moved NPC area track to Tracking 2.
      Medic / Doctor
    • Fixed faction healing.
    • Fixed/added medical mods on player houses and cantinas.
    • Fixed resist buffs.
    • Resist buffs now scale properly with the doctor's wound treatment modifier.
    • Resist pack values are now more in line with pre-CU stats.
    • TendWound now reports positive number of healed wounds.
    • Fixed cure packs incorrectly comparing to potency instead of efficiency.
    • FirstAid now gives you the proper error message.
    • Fixed range on QuickHeal ability.
    • Lower level buffs can no longer be applied while higher end buffs are active.
      Combat Medic
    • Fixed DoT stacking of same type.
    • Fixed Stamina Disease Area C affecting wrong pool.
    • Fixed Mind Heal to be more like it was on live.
    • Fixed the chance to apply dots to buffed and un-buffed targets.
      Jedi / FS
    • "Jedi business. Nothing to see here...move along."
    • Changed weighting of resources in the random pool to be more like it was on live.
    • Fixed surveying mini-game SUI box rezzing players.
    • Fixed sampling while in combat.
    • Grenades and heavy weapons can now be crafted and used.
    • Added special attacks for heavy acid rifle and flamethrower. - (No DoTs yet)
    • Added clothing bio tissues.
      Squad Leader
    • SL Retreat and Burst Run no longer stack.
    • Rally & Formup now have a higher chance of landing.

    • Fixed combat spam for all combat professions.
    • Fixed accuracy reduction from both movement and the blind state.
    • Warcry no longer breaks from non-damaging attacks.
    • Snipershot is now considered a combat action.
    • AOE/Indirect damage will cause lairs to be damaged and spawn creatures.
    • Corrected damage distribution on ScatterShot 1 and 2.
    • Fixed Melee1hScatterHit1 and 2 to round out the multi-pool fixes.
    • Fixed Melee1hBlindHit1 to not be AoE.
    • Fixed Mindshot1 to apply bleed.
    • Fixed Strafe1 to not be AoE.
    • Fixed Startle2 to be AoE.
    • Warcry and Intimidate now only be used on creatures, npcs and players.
    • Fixed creature area DoT attacks.
    • Posture changing while dizzy will now cause players to fall down.
    • Mobs will no longer continue to attack a vehicle that is disabled if other valid targets are present.
    • Fixed a bug causing mobs to stand back up after death and grant double XP rewards.
    • Fixed weapon certificates for several weapons.
    • Removed damage from Force Choke ability until later publish.
    • Guild war combatants will now be ‘red’ upon cloning.
    • Players marked as AFK can no longer initiate an attack.

    • Fixed stats on mandalorian armor.
    • Fixed Mandalorian boots crafting in DWB.
    • Added Poison clouds and Electric shock to Geo caves.
    • Fixed several spawn points in the Geo caves.

    • Fixed guild transfer permission checks.
    • Fixed guild and group chat commands.
    • Fixed error message in GuildRemove command.
    • Fixed full group invite message.
    • LFG tag automatically removed when joining a group.

    • Stomach digestion will now continue while players are offline.
    • Many actions now take the secondary stat into account for the action cost.
    • Fixed bug allowing players to drag items into corpses.
    • Title selection and no title works correctly.
    • Changed starport wait times to 1 minute.
    • Swimming state is now checked and applied on position updates.
    • Yavin4 Imperial Outpost is now available for outbound travel.
    • Shuttles can no longer be boarded before they land.
    • Player characters are no longer set at terrain height when dismounting on ramps or structures.
    • Deleting a character will now remove any structures owned by the character as well as remove the character from citizenship of a city.
    • Condemned and destroyed structures that are a declared residence will now have the declared residence properly removed and citizenship removed.
    • Fixed a bug causing players to rubberband if they mounted a swoop while burstrun/retreat is active.
    • Removed bugged spawns at 0, 0.
    • Fixed placement of ticket terminal in Coronet starport.
    • Fixed player movement speeds while prone.
    • Fixed AI to not attack their own faction players.
    • Added 2 second cooldown between mount and dismount to fix exploiting.
    • Fixed issue where crate items would be lost when splitting from factory crate with full inventory.
    • Fixed several dozen other bugs.

    *Special thanks to Bluree for putting this list together

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division

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    Added Server quest statitics.

    Dropoff Vendor Mos Eisley 2364 -4556

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    Time for me to return

    Jolt / Vertex / Axwell / Foster

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    Looks like i'm definitely coming back soon!

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    Looks good. can't wait for the server to come back up.
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    Spectacular gang!

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    Very sweet updates!

    Can anyone remind me how to donate faction to another player? I tried all the commands that I could recall. Being combatant and being SF. None worked.

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    AWESOME!!! May the Force be with... us :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Szzlstk View Post
    Very sweet updates!

    Can anyone remind me how to donate faction to another player? I tried all the commands that I could recall. Being combatant and being SF. None worked.

    Excellent update guys, been waiting for the bases to grind up investigation III Yes I am lazy and would rather do the BH slice on bases than run missions!
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    Fantastic! to The Team

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    Amazing list of additions/fixes

    Thanks to all

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    Thanks to everybody in the SWGEmu Team!

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    Wow - Great stuff!

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