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Thread: Publish 3: GCW, Base Busting, Screenplays and Quest

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    Even though there are still a few kinks to work out, things look REALLY good. This is a very smooth update, guys! Very well done!

    I did run into one problem: I was not getting mobs or a "nest" for imperial missions. I would get updated WPs, but when I got to the WP, there were no dirty rebel nerfherding scum for me to shoot. My son, who also plays, ran into the same problem.

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    Awesome update!!

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    Thank all of the emu staff for yoiur hard and asmazing work all of you have done

    Thankls all my friends it showes how hard all of you worked for this day with alll you have accomplished in getting this game running again i only wish that my wife was alive tgo see this i know that she would be amazed at what all of you have done so many thanks my friends from all of us players who really love this game as i do you have honored us all with all you have done so good luck and allways remember to have fun emu staff all of you ok

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    Great work team. So proud of what you have achieved. We will keep doing our bit by supporting the project.

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    Everything looks amazing! Many thanks to all those who put their heart out to give us a game we all love and enjoy

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    It's been almost 14 hours since announced down time; with a few uptime moments. This says a lot to me. These guys/gals are doing a LOT for the restoration of this game. (even be it pre-cu...heh.)

    I commend you all. If I knew how to, I'd be all over helping.

    If I could afford tossing money towards this project, I would.

    I have been registered and have had a toon created WAAAAY longer then I have gotten serious about devoting time to playing again. After 6 years of head-strong playing and putting all I had into it, for it to end, I was drained.

    I can see it must take a lot to coordinate those that volunteer on this for an entire day devoted to pushing a publish forward. Unlike folks where this is there job and they get paid for it. It's very commendable.


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    Awesome guys we appreciate it so very much!

    Group damage, i love it! So long "Griefer"

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    where can we find stats on the turrets?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadmunky View Post

    no mention of /maskscent or /camo. maybe fell under misc fixes?
    They aren't actually working yet. A temporary fix was done to allow for milking (i.e. you need to /maskscent), but the actual effect isn't implemented yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by munkaystyles View Post
    I'm kind of new but I wanted to know if the Sample DNA in Bio-Engineer has been fixed so that we can get Master BE now?
    No, it has not. It is being worked on though

    Quote Originally Posted by wulfman_ga View Post
    Yep, lots of re materialised condemed buildings and a Cantina that now has -250k maintenance. Is that how I had to understand the retro active fix for them?
    Yea, those condemned structures were essentially invisible--it's why some people still had the lots and/or vendors still applying to their overall count. I don't know how the removal is being handled.

    The maintenance fix for commercial structures was indeed retroactive. They should have been charged maintenance all along, but a bug was preventing it. There were notes to that effect on the testing spreadsheet--but I'm not sure if it was stated anywhere else.

    Quote Originally Posted by Szzlstk View Post
    Blue frog in Eisley.
    And in other locations too. They've always been there, just not active
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    Thank you!!!!! You are the best woot
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    I have no idea where the bug forum is, but I just drove halfway across the map with one character, and my other character still see's him sitting on a bike right next to him.

    I even tried a trade request and the trade request was given to the character across the map. I chatted, and the chat bubble showed up for the character halfway across the map.

    It's like my character isn't updated different position to server and then to my 2nd character.

    OK for the character who moved, no buildings showing up. Ah damn, got off bike and it immediately warped me back to where I started halfway across the map next to my other AFK sampler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nowowclone View Post
    I have no idea where the bug forum is,

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    Great work Folks Keep it up. But why starport set to only 1 min. ???? In original swg starport time was 10 min. and shuttle 5 min. 5 min. to both seems ok but only 1 min. ... hmmm i dont know....

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    I am completely amazed how much people complain to people who VOLUNTEER their time and effort for all of us to enjoy a game that SOE decided wasn't making money (another issue for another time). I am betting that 80% of us players have time to volunteer but lack the knowledge or just to lazy to help. Why all the bitterness towards developers that are working on their own time, I just don't get it. If you that unhappy with game I am sure WOW or SWTOR is looking for more players or even buy an Atari 2600 and get Pac-man but don't give developers a hard time on what they DIDNT do maybe give thanks to them for what THEY DID DO for once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanasha View Post
    Great work Folks Keep it up. But why starport set to only 1 min. ???? In original swg starport time was 10 min. and shuttle 5 min. 5 min. to both seems ok but only 1 min. ... hmmm i dont know....
    You're correct, it was at those set times when swg was launched. Then they decided to make patches and adjust things, and those happened to be adjusted down the road. We've set them to how they were at the time we are trying to recreate.
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