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Thread: Preparations for Publish 3

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    Preparations for Publish 3

    Preparations for Publish 3

    The SWGEmu Staff

    We all knew the time would come. Liking the changes that needs to be done, is a different story. Everyone wanted an announcement about Publish 3. Well, I have the first to hand out.

    NBZ (No Build Zone) & POI are the zones that will not be allowed to have any structures built on them. Anyone that has a structure at ANY of these locations needs to have them redeeded and moved immediately. Here is what will happen if they remain when Publish 3 merges with Basilisk:
    • Any structure left will be destroyed.
    • Any structure destroyed will not have a deed to claim.
    • Any items inside the structure will be destroyed.

    There will be no notice given by a staff member when the structure is destroyed. You have been given the opportunity to remove it and it is your choice if it remains and action is taken. Here is our NBZ list with exact coordinates, radius and names pulled directly from the code (Thank you Ivojedi): No Build Zones

    Quote Originally Posted by Bertlast View Post
    A lot of NBZs were missing on tatooine so they were added last night via Be sure to double check quickly as time is running out. Basically if you are near something you aren't supposed to be, and it wasn't listed, then report it here and we'll get it fixed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Niffer1976 View Post
    Since this thread has made it quite a few pages I will post my info again. If anyone has any questions about their cities or the structures in them please send me your information. You can email me or forum pm me. I will come look at your city and tell you what has to be moved. I have a list already going of cities I have checked so when the merge comes I know they are safe. That does not mean that I will not check them again to be sure nothing has been placed where I have told them not to. Here is my contact information and what information I will need you to give me.

    I need:
    Your account name: (in case I need to contact you)
    What times you will be playing:
    What the waypoint is to the city or structure you want checked:
    What planet it is on:
    ~ The SWGEmu Staff
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