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    Player Requested PVP Guidelines

    Player Requested PVP Event Guidelines

    1. 4 rounds for PVP should be enough. If there is need for a tie-breaker or each faction has enough players to continue another round, the EC’s will make the call.

    2. Time between rounds to buff will be no longer than 15mins. There is no reason for buffing to take more than that. Roughly 5 mins for entertainer buffs and 2ish for doctor. If there is a shortage of entertainers and or doctors, EC’s will determine a time extension.

    3. Person’s requesting the event or group leaders need to communicate with the EC’s so that things run smooth. We know that you requested the event but you also requested our help.

    4. No spies from the other faction. Even if you are the person who requested the event. You WILL not be allowed to *check out the numbers* on the other side. The EC’s keep up with that and make the changes needed to even the odds.

    5. All players will have 10 minutes after the last round to use the recruiters to go back on leave before the recruiter is removed and you will have to go to a major city NPC recruiter.

    **Failure to follow these guidelines may result in denial of any future PVP requests.
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