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    Rescue the Scientist!

    Rescue the Scientist!

    The SWGEmu Events Team

    Nym is at it again! He has schemed up another plan to take over the galaxy and has kidnapped it’s most famous scientist, Dr. Makiya Lokdin to force her and her team into creating the deadliest droid ever created. Knowing that the galaxy would soon send warriors to rescue her and her team, Nym has hired the deadliest mercenaries, and imported the wildest creatures from almost every planet in the galaxy to protect the intelligent, beautiful Dr. Makiya Lokdin.

    The Galactic Legion of Scientists has sent word that they are looking for skilled soldiers to help rescue Dr. Makiya Lokdin and her team. Are you brave enough to take on Nym’s horde of hired guards?

    When: Friday, March 8, 2013
    Time:8pmEST (check your time zone
    Place: Nym's Stronghold

    We will start at the shuttleport on Lok (458 5495). Go over the bridge, through the front gate at Nym’s Stronghold. Once inside the front entrance, it will be a free for all. You are more than welcome also, to group and go in as a team.

    There will be a camp set up near the cloning facility with entertainer and doctors so that NPC’s and creatures will not end up in the medical center or cantina. Any and all Doctors and Entertainers who wish to help out with buffing are welcome. You will be needed!


    *You MUST come through Nym’s not around! You must stay inside the gates of Nym’s other than cloning or buffing.
    *No SF players or guild wars during the event. This is PVE not PVP.

    If you are caught breaking either of these rules or causing trouble of any kind, you will be teleported to where ever the EC Team decides to teleport you and you will either stay there until the end of the event or you will pay for your own ticket back.
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