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Thread: Friday Night Fights (PvP Event) | The Battle Of Vreni Island! - March 1st

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    Friday Night Fights (PvP Event) | The Battle Of Vreni Island! - March 1st

    Here's the footage, thanks for everyone who came out.

    The Battle of Vreni Island!

    Anyone who wants to join is welcome, and it's encouraged. Even if you aren't full template or geared.
    If one of the city owners protests, please post here or send me a forum PM (both cities, Med Center and Cantina are public).


    Where is this event?

    - The event will take place in Vreni Island.

    Where am i going to get buffs?

    - 'Fort HaxXors' is where the Imperials meet.
    - 'LIVE TO REBEL' is where the Rebels meet.

    Where am i going to go overt?

    - An event coordinator will plant them in the city your buffing up at.


    - This event will take place Friday, March 1st.
    - Time, 8pm EST


    Concept of the event

    The concept for this event is simple, who will survive on Vreni Island.

    There are no rounds, just fights.
    The event will end when one side has crushed the other and the losing side stops fighting.

    What is happening in all these fights?

    After each the Rebels and Imperials buff up they will meet on Vreni Island.
    It will be announced when each the Imperials and Rebels should head out to Vreni Island.

    After each faction is on Vreni Island, it's simple FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!

    There are no waypoints to fight at, you fight ANYWHERE on Vreni Island.


    Side Notes & Rules

    - No outside Heals.
    - No outside Rezzes. (If people are seen doing that, you will be ported somewhere).
    - Zerging is allowed!
    - I'm allowed to have a character at each player cities to help coordinate the numbers.
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