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Thread: End of the Year Player PvP Event! The Battle of The Imperial Outpost!

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    I might be able to make it there.

    Side: Imperial
    Prof: Novice Pistolier
    Toon: Datokeska Doyhuneg

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    Charater STEVEN

    Guild SHade
    "Only Imperial Stormtroopers are that precise" Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi

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    I want to play.

    Side: Rebel
    Toon: Tyco
    Prof: Pistoleer

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    Twas a good blood bath!

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    T'was fun! Thanks to all who organized, buffed, healed, and fought.

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    Oct 2012
    I had fun last night even if i had to stay cantina side. I regret that most of the LXVI guild had to log after three hours of play. For a last minute notice I think we did well pulling in a few of our ents and docs, but alas we are normally early birds. I hope the 4th battle went well. Please feel free to leave the recruiter on our cantina steps and an imperial mission terminal would be nice also *wink*

    Ps Remember to visit our Guild Mall, we take custom orders for Master Tailor, Architect, Weaponsmith and Armorsmith and repairs, also available Droids, Chef and Smuggled Goods. Also Tilly is normally autobuffing in her medcenter by the river for an access fee almost 24/7 (just remember Tilly can't buff overt Rebs *sorry*)
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    That was fun, I want more of that. Thank you to anyone that took time to heal me in the heat of battle

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    I think someone may have been stacking poisons, but it was tons of fun! Even if I did get instant killed every single time.

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    Did anybody get any screen caps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExplosiveCheese View Post
    I think someone may have been stacking poisons, but it was tons of fun! Even if I did get instant killed every single time.
    I fink so too.. 499 mind wounds in seconds haha

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    Footage from the event, thanks for everyone who attended.
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    Do you think next big event you could provide better details that Base busting event was hard to find. maybe next time also add the planet location not just some random player owned cities. took me for ever to find and Your wonderful community is plagued with Misinforming trolls

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