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Thread: Bases are coming!!

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    Quality Assurance risenangel's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    i will do my absolute best to attend, though i may not be able to.

    i can be either faction, whichever one needs more numbers. i will likely mcommando, 0444 bh.
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    gonna be there M pistols

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    I'll try to be there! Nequith
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    Need armor preference and Weapon preference from people! so we know what we need to have. The date has been pushed back to January the 5th at 5PM est as well!

    Edit: Within reason on the requests. Dont have the time or resources to make uber weapons and armor for all. Will be good but not the best by far on the weapons and armor. Just need Stun or Kin preference, and what weapon you prefer to use in PVP.
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    Naikoi Rhaiki
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    Just a friendly thought; the time was pushed back however the home page's date is still the same. Just pointing this out so it can be fixed to avoid confusion!

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    As Naik0i pointed out, we need any special armor requests posted here, messaged to me, or sent via in-game e-mail to me (Poge Darmic). We have red and blue mini-suits (helm, boots, chest, and gloves) for Rebels and Imperials respectively, with Kin/Kin/Stun layers. If you want anything special or need some armor for another race, contact me. If you want different stats, I need to know quickly, so I can get them together. If you send it last minute, I'll see what I can do, but I may get swamped, so try and get it to me as early as possible.
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    I will try my best to be there...

    Takhomasak - Rebel WOOK - so Wook armor would be nice... oh... probably going Rifle/Tk... so Jawa Ion/DXR6ish maybe? Will just do a TK/melee build if there's no Wook armor available :P

    RIP Sunrunner - <SRA><OIC><FAF><WOF><NITES><ZERG><NJO><EZ-Co><LT>
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    I will be there Sunday

    Can go Reb or Imp which ever side needs the people

    Wookie, I will have novice smuggler in my template. Pistoleer, Fencer

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    Character Name: MarcoPolo
    Faction: Imperial
    Weapon Choice: Already have choice.
    Armor: Composite (Helm and Chest only)
    If I don't show up then it means my computer is having problems with internet connection.

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    I'll try to attend on the Imperial side.

    Ceepo:MBH MCarbs
    Could use a laser carbine and scatter pistol.

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    Jan 2011
    I'm in


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    Nitemare- Hybrid BH-Imperial -Composite Armor-Laser Carbine or a good DXR6.

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    Whichever side needs people.

    Xerxiarius and Davickk (one will be smug, one wil be melee stacker. which all depends on how many smugs are available)
    slicing tools
    Stun bat
    Geo pistol
    Yummy foods and drinks
    Comp armor (stun set, and kin set)

    Looking Forward to this.
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