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    All you PvPers, head over to Corellia on Sunday, November 18, 2012 @ 6:00 pm Pacific for a 'Capture the Hall' PvP Event!!

    Imperials will stage in Fort Haxxors, Corellia and Rebels will stage in LIVE TO REBEL, Corellia for this PvP event that will consist of four 30-minute rounds of PvP where you will attempt overtake and hold a specified location. Entertainers and Doctors will be on-site for your enhancement needs in the Cantinas and Hospitals of Fort Haxxors and LIVE TO REBEL and will begin offering their services at 5:30 pm Pacific. Faction Recruiters will be available in these player cities as well so you can change your status to Special Forces during this event. The battle location will be revealed to PvP Participants by the Doctors and Entertainers in the player city staging areas before the first round. SKYNET announcements will flag the start and end of each round. Honor goes to the last faction standing at the end of each round!

    So get your butt in gear and get make plans to participate in this event! We hope to see you all there.
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