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Thread: Player-Sponsored Public PvP Event

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    I was blue, but everyone could attack me (as you can see in the picture, taking damage....) you guys we're just mad you got rolled. it was a simple bug, deal with it cry babies.
    On another note, that event was fun and we should have one next week.

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    There will always be someone who thinks the Staff is being unfair to one side or another in PVP Events. The bug was fixed. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed!!

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    ^ Your taste in music is still disturbing.

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    You deleted me on facebook. And now you're going to die.

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    there was 4 round was there not? Why not show round 1? oh i know why.

    Joshuaa i was attacked by you and you were blue, I ran away because what good is it to stand there and let someone i can't attack kill me like the other 4 to 5 people you killed prior to running to me? Unlike them i did not stand there thinking WTF he is blue, attacking me and i cant't do anything about it ...flop dead. A good 95% of the rebels couldn't attack you directly, AoE were able to hit you though. 1 round would have been a bug more than 1 = you exploiting a bug. Truth hurts i know.
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