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    Nomad Market

    Saturday the 17th of November

    9:00am PST
    10:00am Mountain
    11:00am Central
    12:00pm Eastern
    5:00pm GMT (I think)

    Tatooine, Jawa Traders POI

    /waypoint -6376 1389

    What is it?-
    A Roleplayer event that involves tradings and dealings of all kinds.

    Who is Invited?- Any and all Roleplayers are welcome. Just ask that if you're a stormtrooper/authority figure come off duty.

    Interested in Helping?- I've had a lot of support on this from people wanting to buy, people wanting to sell, and those wanting to donate. Please send me a PM here or send me a tell IG (Kody). I'll try to be online when servers come back up but... It's one of a few nice days out today so I may have to take the Motorcycle out for a bit!
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