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Thread: [Mini Event] Invasion of Theed

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    [Mini Event] Invasion of Theed

    The Royal Guard in Theed have received an anonymous threat against the life of the Queen. The city seems nervous and knows that something huge is about to begin...

    (Event at 9pm EST, Theed Starport [Basilisk])


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    Woot so excited

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    Yep, fail.


    First part of the event did not in my experience go over well at all, at the start of the event the server just was not responding most of the time, I know I got kicked offline and the server would not let me log that character back in for some time. I would log him in and it would get to the loading screen and then boot me back to the character select screen, about 5 minutes later I was finally able to get back in. (some people I know of gave up on the event at this point and decided to do other things with their time/buffs)

    I think part of the issue with the enjoyment of the event stemmed from the melee vs ranged issue and mob AI (I know I saw several people in chat talking about what a great event they made for riflemen), as a melee character it's not fun having to chase a mob around in the first place add in extremely heavy lag and it does get frustrating, but that's an entirely different issue.

    Once we got past the cantina to the other side of the river the lag was considerably less, not sure whether that was from the devs working on it or because we were in a less populated part of Theed--my opinion it was both. The event was a lot more fun once I was able to actually make my character do things.

    Great work devs, definitely turned the event around, it started out rough (I honestly thought the server was going down), but you got us through, thanks that was a lot of fun once it got going, I hope you learned a lot of good stuff from this event and I hope you guys do more in the future!
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    Lost connection. Cant log back into Theed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrooperCooper View Post
    Lost connection. Cant log back into Theed.
    Same here it won't let me log back in as soon as I used my ticket to theed.

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    The RSF would like to apologize for the inconvenience, but Theed has been destroyed by terrorists.

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    Event fail. Server down or locked

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    loads, then reverts back to character selection screen

    edit: server locked

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    meh was smacking some of the npcs around then massive lag then DC... then server lock... next time DC the cantina that might help a bit.

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    Yep, server locked as soon as I used my ticket.

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    have never been so excited for the server to go down b4 :P

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    Horrible execution of this event. The in game message very much gave the impression that it was going to be at the Palace then it was at the Starport, making everyone try and run over there on their speeders which caused horrible lag. Also the fact that everyone had to go past the Cantina only made it worse. This needs much more planning next time with more thought put into it. Also with the locking of Theed if anyone gets dropped because of lag spikes they are stuck out of the game until the event is over. Now I have 2 characters stuck in Theed with no end time available.

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    Ok.New Plan. Disregard the Queen, protect the server!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have had no issues logging back in after being dropped by lag--however--the lag is pretty bad, and as a purely non combat toon, can't really participate other than cheerleading xD

    Edit to add: The Answer mentioned turning off shadows in IRC. Before client crashed I did--wow, what a change. I went from lagged to nearly a stand still to lag-free.
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    I thought it was great. Fun times. A little lag.

    From what I understand, TA saw a lot of things and made some changes based on the bottlenecks/issues he saw. To me, that's a good thing.

    Opportunities like this are how you make improvements. You see what is causing the issue and you can fix it. If you never identify the things holding you back, you can never fix them and move forward.

    Great event.
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