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Thread: [Mini Event] Invasion of Theed

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    That was a good event. Yes there was lag but it was an interaction of players and factions.
    A more broad based event (all of theed, not just the starport) would have helped distribute players and lag.

    I just hope they are all gone in a few hours.... killed or dev removed.

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    There is a few stuck in the walls of the cantina I couldn't pull

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricanther View Post
    Yep, server locked as soon as I used my ticket.
    I disconnected several times but was always able to load back in.

    Edit to add: was chaotic, but I had a blast. Would love to see more stuff like. I little bit more notice (if possible) would help players organize a bit more.

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    Awesome Event IMO had a lot of fun storming the Palace and rescuing the princess Event started off a little rocky and my own personal experience of the beginning was not very fun at all (died because of lag ) Aside from the lag this event was great and very fun glad to see the community turn out in such big numbers Awesome job u guys!

    P.S : Next time though watch where your spawning things <:P me and a bunch of others got like 10 mobs spawned right on top of them out of no where D:

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    Awesome event, was very cool

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    Had a blast at this event. Died 5 times, blew up a 250k credit gun, probably will never be able to use my comp armor again, and have never had that much fun on Bas.

    Hope to see everyone at the next city attack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elpete View Post
    I thought it was great. Fun times. A little lag.

    From what I understand, TA saw a lot of things and made some changes based on the bottlenecks/issues he saw. To me, that's a good thing.

    Opportunities like this are how you make improvements. You see what is causing the issue and you can fix it. If you never identify the things holding you back, you can never fix them and move forward.

    Great event.
    Exactly. I heard a lot of people complaining about the lag it caused in Theed, the near deadlock, and massive server wide lag spikes. but, because of this, our Devs now have a better understanding of what our server can and can not do as of this time in regards to the stress of the event... Plus, it WAS darn fun, even though I too was disconnected a few times.

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    Need more events like this in Euro timezone pls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shivashandra View Post
    Awesome event, was very cool

    Thanks for the Screen Shots!

    As for all of you that did not enjoy this Event because of the lag, we do apologize for the beginning of the event. The lag from the amount of players in one area caused us also to lag as we spawned the NPC's and yes some of them ended up being placed all on top of each other. We did our best to remove them as quickly as we possibly could. As for crafters, entertainers and doctors that were hit in the crossfire, we tried our best to keep an eye on you and keep you rez'd. If we missed some because of the chaos, we also apologize for this.

    On a lighter note, I believe that in the end it turned out to be a great event and we appreciate all who came out to participate! Thank you to all that were patient with us and stayed in good spirits despite the minor issues!!

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    got some screenies..
    shot at some cool npc's had fun

    people complain when theres no events..and they are bored
    and will complain when there are events.. and there everyday boring activities are interupted..

    for me lag wasnt any worse than first 20 or so mins when server comes back up
    on average down times..

    great job team imo....
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    Hiya all,

    If we could get an event in euro timezone once in a while, would be greatly appreciated

    Hope u all had fun

    Love Nosra

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    Had a lot of fun, nice work to those that threw this event together!

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    I for one had a good time even though I spent much of it as a corpse. Did get quite a few tips healing people with my Novice Doctor so that was a nice bonus.... until they came into the Medical building and killed me again LOL!

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    After the lag cleared up some, had a blast! Glad to see TA was able to make some adjustments. Will make the next event better.
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    My computer can't handle that many people. Could barely get out of Theed last night.  57647

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