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Thread: Nyax Night: Costume Competition & Ball (Event)

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    Nyax Night: Costume Competition & Ball (Event)

    For decades, mothers have threatened their children with tales of horrible Lord Nyax. "If you keep on being a bad boy, Lord Nyax will come for you." Rambunctious children have somehow turned the threat of Nyax into a strange and haunting holiday across systems. On Nyax Night, (held generally in the month of Yelona) most of the galaxy from all ages and planets don frightening visages and costumes in their best attempt to represent the evil which Nyax embodies. Orange and black seem a prevalent color theme across many systems that celebrate. As Nyax became a symbol of evil, many costumes reflect many of the differing galactic species. Of course, not all dress frightening for Nyax day. Some decide to dress up as they see fit, and some planets even have a tradition where children (and always a few adventurous teenagers and adults) go from dwelling to dwelling, crying, "Trick or Treat!," in hopes of scaring up sweet rewards.

    Nyax Night: Costume Competition & Ball

    Listen to spooky themed music here:

    Holiday: Nyax Night
    Event: Nyax Night Costume Competition & Ball
    Event Setting: Savareen Theater & City Hall
    Event Planet: Rori
    Event Waypoint: /way -1331 4043
    Event Travel Instructions: Travel to the planet Rori, starport: Narmle. In Narmle, purchase a ticket to Savareen.
    Event date & Time: ((Friday, October 26th, 7PM EDT/EST)) Friday the 26th in the month of Yelona, at 1900 Imperial Standard Time
    Event colors: If you or your character will not be participating in the costume competition or dressing up for Nyax night, participants are encouraged to come dressed in various shades of orange and black to celebrate the occasion.

    Event Description: Sponsored by Loathe Clothiers, Saxabrah Decorating, The Tottering Torton, The Twisted Tassel is proud to present Nyax Night Costume Competition & Ball. Held in the beautiful Savareen theater and city hall (with the After dinner show Bar), guests are encouraged to dress formal or as informal as they like, dress in costume and participate in the costume competition and come and enjoy the food, drinks and company of your fellow Nyax Night Revelers.

    At 8PM Empire time (EST/EDT) the costume competition will begin. Competitors will be encouraged to come onto the Savareen Theater stage to show off their costume and/or speak on their chosen costume while three mysterious secret judges in the audience will watch on. At 10 PM the winners will be announced and prizes will be handed out.

    Please come by to enjoy the evening and the complimentary drinks and food.

    Costume Competition Prizes:
    1st Place: (? Can you help donate toward First prize )
    2.5 million credits behalf of <ISR> Imperial Sector Rangers, Rumpels & LilonLesNeiges for Team Spirit(Collected! Thank you Rumples & Lilon!)
    Padded Mini in Black & Orange, combat grade, 51% Kinetic/42% Blast (Collected! Thank you Kiaryn!)
    1 Padded full suit in black and orange, combat grade 51% Kinetic/42% Blast (Collected! Thank you Kiaryn!)

    2nd Place: (? Can you help donate toward Second Prize?)
    500, 000 credits, Kairavi (Collected! Thank you Kairavi!)
    5 2nd place swoop bikes (Collected! Thank you Taylan!)
    1 Chef Outfit built of 4 socket non-combat padded armor and clothing in White and Moss Green (Collected! Thank you Kiaryn!)

    3rd Place: (? Can you help donate toward Third Prize?)
    5 3rd place swoops! (Collected! Thanks Taylan!)
    1 certificate to a structure of choice (Thanks Xanthya!)

    Random prizes for those in the costume competition:
    1 Grab bag full of clothing and non-combat padded in Black and Wine. All pieces are four sockets, and with a mix of armor and clothing, a good grab back for someone to make an SEA outfit to fit their needs. It's made for a female.(Collected! Thank you Kiaryn!)

    1 grab back built around a Grand Healer's Robe in blue and black, with both 4 socket non combat padded and clothing to build an outfit for SEAs. Also for female. (Collected! Thank you Kiaryn!)

    1 Wookie Grab Bag, set with a suit of ultra light hunting armor and 4 piece outfit of 4 socket clothing in Dark green and Brown (Collected! Thank you Kiaryn!)



    Image designer contacts/Available to help with Make-up: (? Will you be able to volunteer? )
    Ameria' (Master Image Design. Please make sure to get any work you need done before the night of the event :3 I'll be busy)
    Payton (Master Image Designer)

    Tailor contacts/Available to help with costuming: (Will you be able to volunteer?)
    Weedie (Amorsmith & Tailoring)
    Lolan (Tailoring)
    Kiarryn (Tailoring & Armorsmith)
    Meiwe (Tailoring)

    Volunteer Waiter/Waitresses (To hand out drinks)
    Pledged: NeeNee

    Volunteer Greeters (To /wave, /greet, and /welcome)

    Food & Drink
    Pledged: Ryli (Will contact in game)

    SHADE to bring the rum.

    We are holding a Star Wars Halloween, public, server-wide RP encouraged event on Friday, October 26th, 2012. If you are wishing to compete in the costume competition, please 1.) Send Ameria' an in game email with your character's name. 2.) Due to the obvious game mechanics, some costumes may not be feasible. Please put a short description of your costume in your character profile before you compete that evening, so that judges can /examine you and better visualize the costume you are wearing. We will be working with the wonderful Event Coordinators for decorating before hand. All that we ask is that participants be respectful, be nice, and in the spirit of community: have fun Please be cool with one another no matter how you enjoy SWGemu game play and events.

    While Savareen was able to roll to a Rank 4 city, unfortunately it was hit by the planetary bug. So you will need to have a bike, otherwise the trek to Savareen will be harsh. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

    I am currently looking for volunteers to help make this event come alive. Tailors, Image Designers, prizes, food, drink, waiters, waitresses and greeters. Here is my original post requesting help for this event :

    f you have questions, concerns, please contact Ameria' in game either via /tells or email, or elf_fu here in the forums via PM or response to this thread or the volunteer one. I will do my best to answer.

    Looking forward to working with you & this event! See you there!
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