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Thread: SWGEmu End of Year Update 2010

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    Oct 2008
    It's amazing what the new site looks like. I really like it. Thank you guys for all your hard work.

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    Mantis Bug report

    I red many times that a lot of people are complaining about Liberator's bug on the mantis.
    Why not add an option "Server" and give the possibility to add the report for Liberator and just put all of these directly to the trash ?

    Just my two cents solution.
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    you guys are so awesome for what you have done. I never thought you guys would get this far but you proved me wrong through hard work and dedication compared to people who complain about doing little good compared to what you guys do

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    good work Staff

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    This is awsome. I haver been away for a while thanks to silly things like work. Nice to see in just a few months what great progress has been made here to hoping that such speed may continue throughout the rest of the year.

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    Nice update, congrats to all on their promotions as well.

    Special congratulations Xavia my dear, keep it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAfirehawk View Post
    The old Mantis Bug Tracker and old Forums are still available in the Navbar under Community. No new bug reports or posts are allowed but the info is not lost.
    Just caught this, thanks for that reply.

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    Here's to hoping we make just as much progress this year as last!

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    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on the team, past and present, for bringing us all closer to launch.

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    Thanks for doing so much progress and for thinking in the community by stablishing a new server

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    I must admit being away for awhile I have missed a ton of progress. But I must say being away and coming back to all these changes is a welcomed sight. I'm also glad to see a lot of the team members that were on the team when I was on it are still apart of it, props to you guys and gals for being able to dedicate all the time you have to it. Maybe I'll be able to join the team again in the future.

    I need to redo my helpful links thread as well. Gonna work on that over the next couple of days.
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