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Thread: Rules, flameout, exploits and bans

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    Two thumbs up and a big toe or two. This is actually a stroke of brilliance by the Dev team.

    Info to fix game breaking exploits > All possible in game gains that can be made on an ALPHA version of a server.

    The Devs have proven they will take action but as far as the exploiters being out and about again...well they did find a game breaker. Be thankful they found it in Alpha and personally if they find all the big breakers now they are only saving time in the grand scheme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigevil View Post
    This was a published FYI. Lets keep the unrelated side banter and name calling out please.

    Yeah what the Nerf herder said HEHEHE! /Maskscent /Burstrun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bostwain View Post
    Leave it to SWGemu to change rules after their friends get caught exploiting.

    Very good and unbiased I see. Not to mention the reduction in bans.

    "Oh you were caught cheating? Here's a new character."
    surprised this didnt get locked ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rommelrommel View Post
    Your friend doesn't ask for donations to pay the rent either.
    Interesting comment from a player who has not financially contributed. I'm just saying...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlada View Post
    Yes, but you live in a finished house, we on the other hand are still trying to build ours. What looks like trash atm can be used to reinforce a wall of the house later, so better to keep it around just in case.
    words of the wise. i agree 100%
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    All I can say is if u get 100% mitigation and u can't take dmg isn't game breaking I don't kno what the **** is...

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    FYI being a paid beta tester before, and a tester, now a game designer, what the Devs did here was fair, I know we as paid testers in most AAA companys we look to exploit, the reason is so we can find them before the player does so they can be fixed, the devs hopefully have people doing this, and its good they have found one during Alpha stage because that is the time to find an exploit.

    If your unsure what an exploit is most of the time, depending on the company but its anything that is not intended by the devs and the player will take unfair advantage over , so if you think its wrong, guess what it is, so bug or not log off get rid of it. I have been in games where I would not die in PVP due to a bug and noticed hey i'm bugged and logged, was not this game it was another, but some people would of stayed on, which does the game no justice they also do not report that stuff because they like the advantage not saying everyone is that way, but I seen my fair share of people do this ...

    Anyways my advice to the Devs is to have more testers looking for exploits , hacks etc that they do not want on there servers if possible. I know they work for free so maybe finding some players they may wanna do this..

    Thats my 2 cents on this subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgrayone View Post
    Interesting comment from a player who has not financially contributed. I'm just saying...

    sadly people act this way , I would just ignore them because games'gamers have changed alot from back in the day they seem to want everything for free and they want everything there way.....

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    On Veers Elite Server, my Chef has +125 Food Experimentation, or is a 12 pt. Chef due to AAs and CAs. I made 2 runs of Flameout on this server that matched the same exact stats on the TC NOVA server.

    26 FIll
    77% Damage Reduction
    4 Attacks (3 attacks on TC NOVA w/o any extra chef points)

    I sold some on my vendor...
    Then the next day when retrieving the 2nd run (it takes a ton of component to make very little amounts) the system message across my screen read: "Crate is broken contact Kyle if you are getting this message". (I did via i/g email)
    I panicked, checked my vendors and every single crate of flameout (and single dose of it) were defunct and void of serial numbers and stats that only the day before were there.

    So, all my time, effort, and product sold and bought, and on vendor are destroyed as a result to a glitch? None of my product was an exploit or a bug. In fact, I only got the FILL down to 26 from like 62 due to the Bio-additives attending to FILL. If I were to have used a Heavy additives for NUTRITION, I would have had a higher FILL rate while having a slightly higher Damage reduction. My TC Nova Flameout is the same stuff yet it was never an exploit or bug.

    I do understand that you are talking about a 100% mitigation and I guess what I want to know is, does this include the Flameout I made? If not, why is my supply all destroyed? If so, then when will I gain the confidence to continue providing foods as a 12pt Chef again. Do I need to worry that anything I make that is exceptional will be pulled and destroyed? This really bites if you've put in the hours and efforts to make the top-of-the-line foods to compete with a frog whose consumables should be considered exploits. My sysnsteak can't even begin to compete with Veers Elite's frog synsteak.

    I know this is part of the "testing" process, but I produced this same Flameout on TC NOVA before it broke down and not a word was said about it. Then I go onto a server to help out by being a crafter and hopefully make the server a tad more popular by actually providing products to buy and I feel utterly astonished that my goods were made null n void.

    What was wrong with MY flameout? Am I going to have other foods I make taken away also? Why even bother anymore? SoE did the same thing to us but at least they gave us the heads' up.

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    PS: MY text may read anger but i'm not angry as much as I'm frustrated.

    PPS: Oldgrayone, I ADORE your signature picture of Chewie's giant paw on P. Leia's booby, their expressions are priceless! (BTW, I have contributed to this project, even to Xavia's medical bills, only I asked to be deleted due to some people harassing me and so they instead "banned" me and now I have to start over, so u really can't truly know who has or has not contributed on here by the appearance or lack of gold bars below their avatars. Just sayin'.
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    SweetPea, what you do on Veers Elite server has 0 impact on the project, they are seperate intities.

    Also Flameout was disabled on that server by the admins.

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    ok so my flameout stats were okay then but was made defunct anyway on Veers??

    Sorry, I guess I'm finding it hard to understand if I should not make flameout anymore or not, regardless of the server. How far does this Flameout bug expand? What if I finally am able to log into TC Nova... will I need to refrain from making Flameout? Is my 77% damage reduction flameout the same as this 100% dmg mitigation bug?

    I guess I'm still a tad confused, and I do humbly apologize for my lack of knowledge or ability to wrap my head around my future options as a Chef in this area. :P

    I did email Kyle with massive info on my latest "broken crate" issues on Veers. I have no idea if he'll get back to me on it, nor why my supply was made into empty shells. Guess I'll take a bullet for the betterment of the project. Gladly, in fact if that means you're that much closer to the final stages of permanent game-play.

    Valkyra thanks for your information and response. I guess I need to kno if I will be breaking any rules by making such good and tasty food, or should I hold off on Chef for now? What server should I not make it on what server is it okay to make it on? (why did Veers take away my flameout if this is seperate, in other words)

    I guess I need to present this to the the Veers admin people then? Sorry, figured all the leaders of each server were the same people. My bad for not getting it, i'm so stupid when it comes to computer lingo! I just don't want to aid in any exploits and find myself in SWGEmu jail, so to speak. :P

    I sure hope you guys are getting all the help you need financially, time-wise, and staff-wise. I really am grateful to those who have contributed to this project and keep plugging away at it. Thanks so much! Sorry for being so annoying if I am. I really don't mean to be.
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    Okay I got it... Veers had a forums and evidently they announced that they were going to make all the flameout useless to be fair, and also they are planning on another wipe just to be fair in all the loot exploits from the recent flameout bug. I'm so sorry for my confusion. :P Some people (me) just know how to type and play. :P Thanks for all your support and info. Glad I have a better idea about this bug and about the exploits by definition. Whew! I never want anyone eating bugs swimming around in MY soups or drinks! hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgrayone View Post
    Interesting comment from a player who has not financially contributed. I'm just saying...
    Not everyone feels the need to take credit for their donations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rommelrommel View Post
    Not everyone feels the need to take credit for their donations.
    Problem is you cant make an anonymous donation, its broken. Unless someone fixed it in the meantime, which i very much doubt.

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