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Thread: Publish 1: The Warren and Vendors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlada View Post
    (07/19/12-01:26) <@cRush-home> yes
    (07/19/12-01:26) <@cRush-home> they have to be running against you
    (07/19/12-01:26) <@cRush-home> votes not cast do not count
    Thanks for the (very) quick answer!

    Okay I have noticed a couple of minor issues with votes/housing that may or may not need attention;

    1. When 2 candidates are running for Mayor you get 3 options. <Name1> (incumbent) <Name1> (challenger) <Name 2> (challenger) The mayors name appears both as an incumbent and a challenger - I'm guessing this is a minor error and the incumbent will get all the votes cast for him depending on whether citizens choose the incumbent or challenger option?

    2. After voting someone redeeded their house and dropped it elsewhere in the city, their vote is still cast on the terminal. I had 3 before and 3 after redeeding - is this a bug or will the vote get removed at a server reset?

    3. I have a house in the city that belongs to a character that someone has deleted. IIRC last nights patch was supposed to remove these? Or will it take a server reset to kick in?

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to put these, unless I'm being blind the bugs forum isn't immediately obvious :/

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    Awesome awesome. Great work!

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    some issues:
    delivery mission npcs are not showing up for me.
    repetitive sampling is also not working for me.

    aside from this....
    A huge thank you for all the work.

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    What can I say except,,,THANK YOU )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantequillas View Post
    Something is wrong with update, as a Doctor I am no longer able to TendDamage or TendWound....

    edit: In addition, it seems that sampling (artisan profession) is a little messed up too, at first it worked ok but now it doesn't repeat itself automatically - I had to set up a macro to repeatedly sample.
    anyone else getting this i was sitting there doing my tenddamge on a ent and getting 1point only but still 100xp

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    Thank you for this Publish 1... you guys rock!

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    The Warrens quest is bugged. Before activating the door switches, the door opens but you can't go in it to get to the core. Hit the two Data Terminals to allow access into the reactor room, and the door locks, and the NPC tells you to go activate them again....... And during this time the door won't open and you can't go through it. Walking near the door takes your fusion cores regardless. The door lock is backwards and opens when you don't have the fusion cores, but locks when you do.

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    Remember, all bugs need to be reported.

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    Thanks to everyone who decides to use their free time to work on this amazing project - much kudos to you all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Folky View Post
    Thanks to everyone who decides to use their free time to work on this amazing project - much kudos to you all.
    same from me too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashur View Post
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