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Thread: The SWGEmu Event Coordinators are Recruiting!

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    The SWGEmu Event Coordinators are Recruiting!

    SWGEmu Event Coordinators are Recruiting
    July 5, 2012
    Event Coordinators

    Do you think you have what it takes to be an SWGEmu Event Coordinator? We are currently seeking new interns to join the Event Coordinator team in planning the best parties and events the galaxy has ever seen! To become an intern and be eligible to join our team, please fill out the Community Staff Internship application and email it to Here are some of the expectations for new interns who wish to become Event Coordinators.

    Event Coordinator Requirements
    • Free time to devote help in Support and planning events
    • Able to write and communicate professionally
    • Possess excellent storytelling techniques
    • Show creativity and innovation in new event ideas
    • Exhibit an outgoing personality and self-confidence
    • Have time to assist in other staff and player events
    • Be respectful to other SWGEmu Staff and community members
    If you have any questions about the SWGEmu Event Coordinators, feel free to email
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