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Anything Story/GCW driven would be great, but i'm up for anything.
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Loved the old GCW that was started in Liberator where the public PVP events were hosted across multiple planets and cities on those planets it was Called Friday Fight Nights really enjoyed how many showed up. I love the one on one PVP and maybe running away when outnumbered by imperial special ops but there is nothing like getting a massive army for both sides and waging a war battle for a night and then the thought of knowing the war wasn't over more battles were coming, the structure/rules for the Friday fight night had potential! Especially with a maxed server population( would stress that multiple players per account be disabled temporarily for this just so if some were trying to get on server to enjoy the event they might not get the chance because everyone has 2 people on which would be sad)!
I can't believe I didn't mention GCW events. Those were the most fun... ever! If it wasn't an open field battle with Stormtroopers, AT-ST & Darktroopers against Rebel soldiers then it was the Rebels causing an uprising in Bestine or in Theed! You get the players who were involved and they get TEF'd then you would eventually have a PvP fight in the midst of the spawned NPCs duking it out.

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I have to say that I am really happy to see this getting put in. during the last year and a half that the live servers were running, myself and a few of the folks I am playing with on here now put together and held large scale server parties during holiday times (GMF, Life Day, Empire Day / Rememberance Day) usually with a theme tying in to the holiday. because we had storyteller props, we could set up these large parties on Eclipse without having to get the devs involved - though for my first big server party we did have one of the devs and a couple of the senators to come out and enjoy the activities: haunted house deco contest, dueling and mass PvP arenas were set up, fishing contest, lotto house, costume contest and swoop races. there were lots of prizes for the winners and runners up (lot of collectable items and credits) as well as crafted trophies for each part of the event.

I would love to see some of that come in to play here, though I know thats a lot to even consider. I do like though that you guys would be able to come out and add some spice to events that players look to do. dueling / PvP events are always a hit, so being able to generate some kind of "arena" type area would be a great thing. like flagging off a particular spot where once players entered they flagged up.

if it were possible to set up a swoop track, that would be great too. even if folks had to locate their parties near that area, I dont think that they would complain. trying to set up a swoop race course just by sending out the wp's and getting people to sit on those points to make sure folks werent skipping spots is just too complicated and honestly takes the fun out of it.

kreen I would be really happy to sit down with you at some point and toss out some further ideas on this if you were available. one of the things that folks in my guild are already asking is when I am going to get back to hosting events lol, so this is a welcome post to see!
^^^ This.

Empire Day events were fun. I'd like to see a Parade with the Emperor and a buttton of Stormtroopers marching through Theed. That'd be cool! Lol.