All Staff Meeting Notes
Feb 26, 2011

The SWGEmu Staff

All Staff Meeting Notes - Feb 26, 2011

Please find the link below for the IRC discussion log for the All Staff Meeting on Feb 26, 2011. The topics covered were development adopting Scrum, Staff evaluation system and refocus on development by splitting Community and Development into divisions. Development Division is proposed to be Devs, QA and CTT with all the other Team members being in the Community Division.

Final decisions have not been made on these topics as this was just the discussion step with All Staff. This thread is being left open for as long as constructive feedback is given, so please donít make extra threads on the meeting topics in other forums.

NOTE: Liberator will NOT be wiped until the current code from TC: Nova is deemed ready by Developers.

We will be posting more updates once definite decisions have been made.

~ The SWGEmu Team