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Thread: SWGEmu Graphics Design Team is now recruiting

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    SWGEmu Graphics Design Team is now recruiting

    SWGEmu Recruitment

    SWGEmu Graphics Design Team

    What it is

    SWGEmu Graphics Design is our in-house art studio for asset and artwork creation, aimed at offering artistic services to other departments of staff.

    From web development needs to event announcements, from future demands of the project - eventually permitting their use as ingame content - to cinematic animations in SWGEmu trailers.

    During shortage of requests, an ever-growing library of high resolution, multi-purpose 3d models of famous Star Wars entities is being created as independent artwork of SWGEmu.
    We all share a love for computer generated imagery, with individual talents in state-of-the-art video postproduction, modeling, sculpting and 2D art.

    What do we offer...

    Gaining proficiency in the different tools available to the trade sounds fun to you?
    You've been playing around with 3D art for years, but never found the determination to commit to a larger project?
    Always wanted to recreate one of those epic space battles from the movies, but too much work for a single person?

    If you're interested to assist in such a team, apply now!

    We're currently looking for: 3D artists, 2D/Texture artists
    While the current work doesn't demand it, other positions (Animation, Sculpter, 3D Character Artist, Concept Artist, etc) can of course also be applied for. Apply common sense what roles belong to an art team.

    Application process:

    Possible reference work

    All kind of 2D/3D assets that you have created



    * Good eye for realistic and stylized assets
    * Knowledge of some 3d modeling application
    * Passion for modeling great looking, next-gen assets

    Soft Skills

    * You are a real team player
    * You are able to read and write basic English
    * Good communication skills
    * Professional and independent way of working


    * Being able to work on characters is a plus
    * Experience in animation
    * Experience in creation of hi-quality textures for your models
    * Experience in gamedev (Modding / Pro)


    * Modeling all possible assets ranging from various items to vehicles

    Please send your applications to

    Since I'm moving to Japan in a matter of days, part of my responsibilities will be handled by Lexx2k, so you can also send them to

    We will then contact applicants and, should he/she be accepted, offer him/her a position as Apprentice Artist, similar to other departments' apprenticeship positions (e.g. CTT).

    - Elvaron


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