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    June 11th wipe

    June 11th wipe

    The SWGEmu Team

    • June 11th wipe on June 11th
    Stress testing on Basilisk is coming to an end, and we are rite on the schedule. The Basilisk server will be wiped on June 11th for the start of our play-test Alpha server. Server will be taken offline around 9AM EST (check your local time here) and replaced with the latest stable code. Because quite a few things need to be tested before Basilisk is open public again, whole process will take several hours.

    • Current Basilisk bugs and broken or missing professions
    A lot of reported bugs are already fixed on Nova, and those fixes will transfer to Basilisk after the wipe. Professions such as Creature Handler, Droid Engineer, Bio Engineer, Commando, DOT weapons, creatures not dropping aggro, GCW will remain unavailable/broken for the time being, they will be added at the later date.

    • Bazaar revamp
    PLEASE NOTE: Bazaar terminals and vendors are undergoing a revamp, and will be disabled for up to a week.You can still use manual trades or Basilisk Trade forums.

    • Jedi on Basilisk

    Players wont be able to unlock Jedi before Village system too is added, tested on TC: Nova and deemed ready.

    Quote Originally Posted by cRush View Post
    Hologrind will have no effect on obtaining Jedi on basilisk. Don't waste your time with it.

    Follow the Village Jedi guides up to the point that you are waiting for the old man to appear. When Village gets implemented, he will appear.
    • Character limits
    2 online, 10 characters max (deleted characters don't count), 1 created per day

    • Basilisk bugs and bug reports
    Testing is still being done on TC NOVA, Basilisk will become a play server. If you encounter a bug on Basilisk, please try to reproduce it on NOVA. TC NOVA will often be fixed before Basilisk, and there may not be a need to create redundant bug reports. As an alternative you can contact Aceblade or Wuzze on IRC or by email or

    • Basilisk fixes and updates
    All new updates will be tested on Nova first and after they are deemed stable they will be pushed on Basilisk, every weekend or Monday.

    ~The SWGEmu Team
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