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Thread: SWGEmu Timeline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlada View Post
    No, server was deadlocked.
    Yeah i know, just venting my frustation on here as the cat has stopped listening to me. Its great we have such a large community, even better when you can accomendate them all. As soon as i finished the message i tried again and got in lol, typical.

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    What profession would be recommended to unlock jedi?

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    hey, i was wondering if you are thinking of increasing the cap? i know you have probably been asked this before, so dont really want to be repetitive - but it's very frustrating crashing and then not being able to get back on! lol - but great work, the game is looking amazing!

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    Hey I've looked around but couldn't find any info, when will the Bazaars be open again? its been about a week since it stated, and if i remember right someone said it was going to be about a week before they're back up

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    No, kyle is still working on them.

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    new to SWGEMU but i have to say Tank you guys for all of your amazing work and dedication to keeping this great game alive
    Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side

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    welcome Jmarcos and enjoy the best mmo we played ever!
    NGE - never forget - never forgive!
    from Bria: Snake & Wellwood

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    *Agreeed* =)

    Quote Originally Posted by chebyo View Post
    I wish it was 'Sometime in the future' already

    Anyways I'm having a blast. Thanks to the team for putting so much time and effort into this.

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    I must say thanks to all the devs that have been working so hard on this! I do have one question. If Alpha is adding all the major features and Beta is expanding on the major features would JTL be an Alpha release or a Beta release? Not that it really matters. I'm just curious

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    Having some trouble...

    I created a character yesterday, 6/19/12 on Nova. Dropped a house in a player city, very near Mos Eisley. Now when I log in today, that character seems to no longer exist. I cannot log back into her, becuz there
    is no record of her. I tried relogging and everything, but no signs of her having existed. Any idea what happened?

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    Nova was wiped today
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    ahh, okie lol, I always pick the best times to do things, hehe. Sorry I only tried one other time to do EMU and that was just shortly after SWG went byebye. Though I miss it soooo much. How often does the Nova
    server get wiped? As in, does it have a set time each week or something? Just for future knowledge.

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    Nova is for testing, so it may be wiped ANYTIME.

    If you want a somewhat more stable server, create your toons on Basilisk. That one is for play-testing, and subject to wipes ONLY IF they are needed, i.e. a major bug that requires substantial changes to character record.

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    so, does this means that basilick will be safe from wipes until release or needed, and suncrusher will NEVER be wiped, even if there is a huge bug?

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