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Thread: End of Liberator Milestone reached

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    awesome news, thanks xavia and team woot!. Looking forward to seeing the population increase for testing, current main on TC nova is Hooba, QAville resident ~waves~ (best wishes and rapid recovery xavia!)

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    Great News

    This is fantastic news!!
    Sorry I've not been around as much. A lot of RL things happening. Hopefully this will change shortly.

    Again AWESOME news!!!

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    Yays! Awesome news, guys.
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    Will there be Jedi on tc nova

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh76 View Post
    Will there be Jedi on tc nova
    Not for player testing.
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    Thats great.
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    Truly impressed guys, great job on reaching this milestone. I can't wait to truly play this game the original way it was intended and enjoy it as much as I did the day of it's initial release. Very, very, well done...

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    Will there be a EOL event on Sunday?

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    Thumbs up

    I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for what you guys are doing. A large portion of my time working in the game industry, revolved around SWG. I even met my wife thanks to it.

    It's a piece of art, and deserves curation, just like any other. The news it was going down for good (despite NGE) was a pretty sad moment for me. I'd like to show my son one day where I met his mother. Thanks to you guys, I can.

    Keep up the good fight, I look forward to submitting bugs on TC!

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    You can submit bugs from Basilisk too

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