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Thread: End of Liberator Milestone reached

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    End of Liberator Milestone reached

    End of Liberator Milestone

    May, 2012
    The SWGEmu Staff

    • End of Liberator Milestone finally reached
    Its been more than a month since we announced End Of Liberator Milestone, and today we are proud to announce that on the 13th of May 2012 Liberator will be taken offline one last time. It will be wiped and preparations for the launch of the new Alpha server will begin. Launch of the new Test-Play Alpha server is expected mid June.
    • What exactly does this mean?
    It means that that we have less than two weeks left before we wipe Liberator and begin a month of stress testing on TC: Nova. During this month of stress testing there will be only one server online, TC: Nova.

    After we wipe Liberator it is time for some seriously massive stress testing on TC: Nova. During that time we hope that all major stability issues, bugs and exploits will be found and fixed. Like we said before, this is a crucial period for the OR code and for this project as a whole, everything done so far will need to be tested during that time. To reduce the likelihood of future Alpha wipes, it is imperative that everyone does their best to help the Developers find and fix as many bugs, exploits and stability issues as possible. If major of issues are not discovered during the stress test then more wipes of the new Alpha server might be necessary.

    • How can we help?
    The Development Team, will need YOUR help on TC: Nova to test the current OR code. Please logon to TC: Nova, pick a part of the game you are familiar with and start testing and submitting bug reports. Everything and anything implemented needs to be tested and retested. If you are not sure what you should do or you want to participate in a more coordinated and focused testing effort then please join our QA and Dev team in our IRC #openqa channel. If you are unsure where or how to submit a bug report, please check our "How to report bugs on Bug Tracker (Mantis)" guide.

    • Month of stress testing is over, what then?
    New Alpha play-test server will be launched. This will mark the beginning of SWGEmu Alpha Testing stage.

    Please be aware that even after the new Alpha server is launched some major fixes and additions to the code may require database wipes. We will do our best to keep database wipes to a minimum, whenever possible we will try to save your character data. We will give advance notice of an upcoming DB wipe. Always keep in mind that this project is still in Alpha Testing and that even though we can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel, we still have a long way to go before we are ready to release 1.0 to the public so permanent play servers can be created.

    ~Team Xavia

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    Wow thats great news...... Thankyou all for your hard work

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    Less congratulations, more bug reports

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    I made that green text. That is my contribution.

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    First!! OMG good news. Many many many thanks.

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    This is awesome news!!!

    It's great to see every ones hard work continuing to pay off...thanx everyone for helping!!!
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    realy good news!!

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    That's too exciting! I'm supposed to be going to bed. I've been up all night, its now 10:30am local time. What am I to do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivojedi View Post
    Considering that I wrote the code to make it that way, yes, I'm sure.

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    Sweet! I've got my calendar marked off for this. Awesome job everyone
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    good stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthlogan View Post
    First!! OMG good news. Many many many thanks.
    You were no where close to being first lol.

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    This is going to be epic!

    Thanks for all the hard work.

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    Awesome, looking forward to it !

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    OMG can't wait can't wait!

    I can't say that I've contributed much to actually testing anything, but the little bit of time I've put into doing stuff on Nova has just made me more excited for the day when I can finally play without worrying about it all spontaneously poofing out of existence! =)
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    pretty much sums it up there
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