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    Event for Xavia

    Event for Xavia

    May, 2012
    Team Xavia

    for Xavia

    Greetings testers and community members,

    Starting at 6PM EST (check your local time here) on Thursday (May 3rd), the SWGEmu team (aka Team Xavia) are hosting an event on Nova Test Center to show support for our badly injured friend, staff member and leader Xavia. The event will last roughly 3 hours. We need as many people as possible to log in and help us send some good vibes to Xavia.

    The tentative plans are to spell out "Xavia <3" with players. We would like to screen capture this then send it on to Xavia as part of a care package. Clothing will be provided to participants so we'd like everyone to create a character that can wear "normal" clothing.

    • What server? - TC: Nova
    • What Planet/City? - Naboo, Theed
    • What Time? - Thursday May 3rd, 2012 at 6PM EST

    Please note: For the duration of this event Liberator will be OFFLINE.

    ~ Team Xavia
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