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Thread: Public Announcement - 04/15/2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merkor View Post
    Multiple Accounts arent Allowed, or has this been changed? I mean, they are not Allowed to have more then One Account.
    It's not, he just decided to get it banned though.
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    i never received the email, but you did change my password, or the hackers did, as i cant log in game. i'm lucky that i auto log here, or i'd be stuck out of here too. i got the password reset though, using "forgotten password" option then password reset. not complaining mind you. you did what you had to, to protect everyone's accounts and info. keep up the good work

    edit: loggin in game just fine now with the new password *salutes*
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonsters525 View Post
    Joker stealing money again?
    winner winner, chicken dinner.

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    Just wanted to say, you all showed the big companies the way hacking recover should be done, good job!. I did not receive a password change, but it was simple to use my change password option and never missed a beat. Seems crazy something like this would get hacked, but oh well, just shows how much attention you are attracting thanks very much for all your efforts at recreating what was for me as a long time veteran of mmo's the best ever, precu swg.

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    Maybe it was SOE/Lucasarts doing it getten a list so they can sue everyone for using there game!!Since TOR is tanking so bad!!They need a new way to bring money in.

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    I haven't received any e-mail, am I doing something wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiaminou View Post
    I haven't received any e-mail, am I doing something wrong?
    Make sure you are checking the correct email account and if you are check in spam folder.

    Or you can just change your password manually with: SWGEmu - pass change

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    Someone should hack his stupid video on youtube and make him look more pathetic than he is (if possible). Parents should smack some sense into kids sometimes.

    cuzz we all know who pay for this!! (yes because you suck, even at making SWGEMU hatred videos).
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    I don't understand why some people can't use their hacking skills and put them to better use instead of doing something as stupid as they did...

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    OK... who got banned recently..

    Thanks Team..
    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnswer View Post
    This server is for us all to try and finish this game so you can have a server to play, hopefully with me far away from here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlada View Post
    Make sure you are checking the correct email account and if you are check in spam folder.

    Or you can just change your password manually with: SWGEmu - pass change
    Just changed my password manually, thank you!

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    I can't even change my ****ing password

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZIronman View Post
    I can't even change my ****ing password
    chose forgot password, thats what i did

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    The password changer page thing isn't working for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by na85 View Post
    You discovered personal info had been compromised at 1AM and don't post about it until the next evening?

    Why is it that this project is continually plagued by unprofessionalism?

    Explain to me please why a site-wide email wasn't sent out immediately upon discovery like every other major community would do?

    This is a private concern...not a MMO company with dedicated 24/7/365 QA/CS staff.

    If you want to Troll a Staffer'll be lucky to have the ability to log in tomorrow.
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