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    Jedi no longer on TC: Nova

    Jedi on TC: Nova Jedi no longer on TC: Nova

    April 1st, 2012
    The SWGEmu Staff

    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnswer
    Because of the large number of testers on TC: Nova we were able to pinpoint a few problems with the new code, huge lag spikes and memory leaks. Unfortunately fixing these is no easy task. To provide a lag free, stable testing environment for QA and our dedicated testers we are forced to disable the last few updates.

    In other words, after the next server reset, you will no longer be able to unlock Jedi on TC: Nova.
    We want to thank you for helping us test our new code and we want to apologize for any inconvenience this last update may have caused you.

    ~The SWGEmu Staff

    EoL Milestone & Jedi

    With the upcoming Liberator wipe and the launch of our new Alpha server, the question that was on everyone's mind was will Jedi be a part of EoL Milestone. At first, only Jedi unlock system better known as Hologrind was supposed to be added but Jedi skills and the option to unlock were supposed to be added at the later date. Since the work on the EoL Milestone as almost at an end, a group of developers (that wished to remain unnamed) took it upon themselves to finish everything necessary so that Jedi can be obtainable, playable and ready for testing before EoL Milestone is reached. Today we are proud to announce that after the next server restart, you will be able to unlock Jedi on TC: Nova.

    How do I unlock?

    Hologrind involves grinding several professions. The first four profession are revealed via Holocron, the fifth has to be figured out through trial and error. Once you have all 5 profession badges necessary, you move on the the Village part of the grind and... We will let you figure out the rest.

    PLEASE NOTE: /check command is not yet implemented, only by looting and using a holocron will you be able to determine if your character is ready for it's final mission.

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