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Thread: Saturday Stress Test - Round Four (02/25/2012)

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    Saturday Stress Test - Round Four (02/25/2012)

    Saturday Stress Test - Round Two

    February 25, 2012
    The SWGEmu Development Division

    Greetings testers and community members,

    Starting at 4 PM EST (check your local time here) on Saturday (February 25), the developers and QA are looking to perform another stress-test on Nova Test Center that will last roughly 3 hours (thus concluding at ~7 PM EST if results are sufficient). We need as many people as possible to log in, so please join us and Nova's rapid progression by contributing to our latest stress-test!

    In addition to general stress testing, aka logging as many instances as your computer can handle, developers would like us to test some specific things:

    1. TC: Nova will be wiped a few hours before the stress-test to accommodate the update required to start off with the test.
    2. The purpose of this specific test is to establish any bugs relating to PLAYER CITIES and PLAYER HOUSING.

    Adjusted City Settings for Stress Test

    The following settings have been adjusted for the testing environment, please do not report these as bugs:
    • The CityUpdateInterval, or how quickly cities attempt to update (contract, expand, stay the same), has been set to 30 minutes for the test.
    • The CitizensPerRank, or number of citizens required for each city rank has been changed to:
      • Outpost: 2
      • Village: 5
      • Township: 10
      • City: 15
      • Metropolis: 20
    • The maximum number of cities per planet limit has been removed for the duration of the test.
    • Cities should decay if you do not have at least 2 citizens within 15 minutes, so plan ahead.

    Nova Test Center (TC: Nova)

    4:00 PM - 7 PM EST (GMT-5)

    Make a character on TC: Nova, grab some houses and furniture from the character creation terminals (blue frogs) and live it up! If you can, start a city or collaborate with your fellow testers and friends to start up your very own city, with all the amenities like shuttleports and cloning facilities.

    For the duration for this stress-test Liberator will be OFFLINE.

    Once again and log in as many characters as your computer can handle. Remember this is not just stress test, there are specific tasks we need to complete. Those who never submitted a bug report should check this guide first: How to report bugs on Bug Tracker (Mantis). A well written bug report will make QA's job much easier.

    And please remember to keep up-to-date on our testing information, the latest of which is detailed in our latest announcement and in End of Liberator Milestone.

    ~ SWGEmu Development Team
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