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Thread: Saturday Stress Test - Round Two 01/28/12

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarasyte View Post
    I tried to create a nova character at about 5PM EST yesterday and it gave me a endless "connecting to world" popup, so i hit "back" and tried again and it said I couldn't create any more characters on this server. Weird because I had a total of 0. My guess is you guys locked it after 4PM, or I found a bug.
    Server went up and down more than 10 times last during the stress test, you probably tried to create a toon during one of the downtimes and gave up before server came back online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Nautas View Post
    Incidentally, using the server status gadget is great for knowing when the server has been shut down. It works nice on W7. Check the third party tools thread in the forum to download and install it.
    This gadget has been so very helpful, especially during the test - thanks Darth Nautus! It shows straightaway when the server is down and you don't have to check the forum or IRC. Great

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