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Thread: We need your help on TC: Nova

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    We need your help on TC: Nova

    We need your help on TC: Nova

    January 17th, 2012
    The SWGEmu Development Division

    We need your help on TC: Nova - 01/17/2012

    Hello everyone,

    Many of you have probably noticed that developers are writing code like crazy and are putting in tons of stuff on TC: Nova to be tested. Which means QA and CTT has lots to do in a short time frame. Unfortunately there is too much code to be tested and they are seriously understaffed. Which means they cant keep up with the developers. This is where you come in...

    Once again we need our community to help us test all the new stuff developers have been adding over the last few weeks. We know some of the key features a still missing, and frequent wipes don't help the experience one bit, but that is all part of the development process and something we will have to learn to live with until EoL Milestone is reached.

    Please log on TC: Nova as often as you can, use Blue Frogs (they can be found in front of Star Ports in every major city) they will help you build your characters more quickly.

    Currentlymain focus is on:
    • PVP combat
    • PvE combat
    • MOB and NPC armor and skill level
    • Vendors
    • Scout
    • All missions (except faction destroy missions)
    • Loot (Fort Tusken on Tatooine, Geonosian Bio-Lab on Yavin IV and Nightsister Stronghold on Dathomir)

    PLEASE NOTE: Detailed list of everything that needs testing can be found here.

    If these things are not in your area of expertise or you just want to check out all the new stuff that was added feel free to do so. Test anything and everything. Those who never submitted a bug report should check this guide first: How to report bugs on Bug Tracker (Mantis). A well written bug report will make QA's job much easier.

    Just a reminder folks, both Dev and QA/CTT teams are currently recruiting, so if you have some free time and the necessary know-how please check these threads and send your applications:

    If you have any questions, you need to know in what particular area QA needs help the most, etc please send a tell to Wuzze in game.

    Dev's are doing their part and writing the code, its time for us to do our part.

    - The SWGEmu Development Division
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