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Thread: Website and Database Move 01/07/12

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    Website and Database Move 01/07/12

    Website and Database Move

    January 7th, 2012
    The SWGEmu Community Division

    Hello everyone,

    Continuing our changes to increase and improve Core3/Engine3 development, it was deemed necessary to lighten the developer's administrative workload on the servers. The SWGEmu website and database, which are currently on the Chicago box, will be transferred to our new box, which we call the Community Box. The old Denver box will continue to run Liberator unchanged. The Community Division department, Site Services, will operate this server and it will host:
    • The SWGEmu Homepage -
    • The SWGEmu Community Forums - plus one archive version
    • The SWGEmu Community Wiki
    • Mantis Nova Bugtracker - plus two archive versions
    • JIRA/Fisheye
    • MySQL Database
    • Global Registration
    • Biophilia's SWG PreCU Scrapbook v5.1

    What will happen:
    1. Core3/Engine3 developers will get the server in Chicago to be dedicated to TC: Nova and TC: STM
    2. All items listed above will be moved as-is to the new Community Box
    3. Liberator on the Denver server will remain unchanged

    What does all that mean:
    • Liberator and TC: Nova will be on separate hardware boxes, hardware failure of one box won't affect both servers.
    • Developers will be able to manage the Chicago box as they need to best benefit development, without spending time on community stuff.

    How long will Website and Database be offline?

    • We expect downtime to be less than 24 hours for all things on the website.

    PLEASE NOTE: Test Center, Liberator/Nova/STM, IRC will NOT be affected during the downtime but a new person will not be able to register to play on TC. The Nova/STM move will happen at a later date.

    - The SWGEmu Community Division

    Site is back online using the new Community Box. Please report any issues to Support: Site Services Issues.
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