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Thread: IRC Server Change - Feb 9, 2011

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    Cool IRC Server Change - Feb 9, 2011

    IRC Server Change - Feb 9, 2011

    Communications Division

    We are bringing you yet another services update, a new IRC server that will eventually be tied into the global registration system is going LIVE on Wednesday at 12:01 am EST.

    You will need to register your nickname again by using:
    /msg nickserv REGISTER - to register your nick

    /msg nickserv IDENTIFY - to identify with the server each time joining IRC

    PLEASE NOTE that we will be assigning heavy infractions/bans for stealing somebody else's account name as we want to have uniform names between all of our services.

    The official SWGEmu chat rooms are as follows:
    #sarlaccpit - General, off-topic non-SWGEmu chat
    #swgemu - SWGEmu project chat
    #serverstatus - Status information for Liberator and Nova
    #events - Chat for events on Liberator and Nova
    #swgemusupport - SWGEmu support services
    #opendev - Staff and non-staff developer collaboration

    The SWGEmu Team
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    It can take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to affect you. If the topic of #swgemu is simply a link back to this thread, you are on the old server, and will need to use the domain.

    For most clients, simply typing
    will accomplish this.

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