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Thread: End of SWG Celebrations

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    Quote Originally Posted by korimor View Post
    Any kind of hints as to what other kind of things we will be doing? :P
    We've got a ton of different things planned for everybody! Essentially we'll be hanging out with you guys and doing mini-event after mini-event. There will be hunting trips, invasions, PvP, battlefields, trivia, parties, and (of course) badges and maybe a couple prizes here and there!

    All in all, just a fun waste-the-day-with-lots-of-events sort of deal. If you can't come for the festivities starting at 3:00pm EST/2:00pm CST, come later! We should be playing all through the night!
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    I plan to be on Bloodfin on my main character for the end. I started with him, I'll end with him.

    Then it's on with the Emu full steam ahead!

    I never imagined in 2003 that this day would come so soon...

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    wish i could log on to my live character just to see the end, but i didn't resub.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swargy View Post
    wish i could log on to my live character just to see the end, but i didn't resub.
    I was watching a Star Wars Galaxies Live Event on youtube, you didn't really miss much but a bunch server crashes towards the end (the rebels was causing the servers to crash from what they said). It didn't end with a bang, but a whimper. it was a lag fest really. They had the battle of Endor and a bunch of PVE and PVP events and doing the same thing we did with the costumes.
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    I want to thank all the developers who made a great night for me yesterday loved the walking above Coronet and being an imperial soldier Great fun and nice to see you all in game.

    Also i watched the vid of Old Galaxies end yesterday and it made me sad to see it end that way. But thank the Heavens for Emu and this is and always will be the proper way to play.....

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    The loss of SWG is SWGEmu's Gain now the pressures on SWEmu and im sure the development team will step up to the challenge and succeed in making SWGEmu successful just like the now deceased SWG R.I.P SWG.

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    Are the developers planningc on keeping the coronet sky platform? I drove my swoop up the winging platform, and an idea of using it as a swoop track came to mind!! Imagine how challenging, and that would be eh!!

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    Anywhere to watch a recording of the live stream (I think there was one...) from the final official events?

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    I found the Super Star Destroyer over Coronet rather Impressive. The Nebulon-B Frigate and Corvettes over Theed were nice, the giant Ewok in Mos Entha was kind of neat, but a blizzard of snow and Wampas in Wayfar plus a 50 ft Life Day Tree? Never thought I'd see that.

    That said, the end itself was anti-climactic. I'd have hoped for Death Stars to spawn over every planet and blow them to pieces along with all the players right as the servers went down. Would have been more fitting...

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    Awwww... sorry I missed it all. Wasn't able to come on. Glad people had fun.

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    The ending was a bit disjointed, people were spread out all over the galaxy. The guild I was in (RSS) went to Restuss and battled it out with the Imperials and then did the RSS dance of death in a big line. The Connection To SWG Lost and that was it, didn't even get blown up SOE are doing a swg memory book for PDF download and releasing it next week from their website, should be a good read. Maybe some of the pre-cu stuff will be in there?

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    Good night SWG, Hello SWGEMU. Will be ingame soon enough. Will see ya in galaxy.
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    It was kind of a somber end I must say. Only found two others from my guild there, hung out with one in her cantina as she sang like she always did. At the very end I had to go out in space, just could not leave except where I felt most at home. Nothing like flying into a black hole to end things

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    Somber, yeah. That last few hours was rather quiet. At the end there were about 7 of us standing in front of the Theed Starport (Chilastra) and one by one we switched our character tags to Years of Experience. Only one character didn't show 8. No words were spoken. Just stood there like worts as the server did it's last countdown each lost in their own rich fond memories. Thought I could hear Taps playing. I'm not engaging another game, rather I'll put all my energies right here. I plan to be a long-term player on the new server here. Doubt I'll take more than a peak at TOR. Both my Eve and Star Treck groups are waiting to see if I ever re-activate, as are my Everquest and EQII toons. Here's where I want to be. I've started making regular small donations, and hope others pick up on that. I don't want our devs to have to be distracted wondering if next month's isp bill is going to be paid.
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