SWGEmu November Financial Summary

December 6, 2011
The SWGEmu Team

November had 43 donations that resulted in a gross amount of $845.00 and a net amount of $805.85 after PayPal fees.

November had the following expenses (two months worth of FDC bills were withdrawn from the account in November but we list only one here because we don't pay twice a month, it was just the way the dates worked out).
FDC for three dedicated servers = $897.00
BurstNet for Windows virtual private server = $7.95
Xzibition for IRC virtual private server = $8.76

November had a total shortfall of $107.86 with a final PayPal account balance of $5,867. The cost of the NPO has not been paid yet and that is around $1,500.

~ The SWGEmu Team