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Thread: Regular Liberator back ONLINE - 11/20/2011

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    Regular Liberator back ONLINE - 11/20/2011

    Regular Liberator back ONLINE

    November 20, 2011
    The SWGEmu Team

    Regular Liberator back ONLINE - 11/20/2011

    Liberator Cloud test is over for now. We got some good data, but unfortunately we didn't have enough instances online for a proper stress test. We plan on running the test again in another week or two. We are looking into different possibilities to increase the number of players during the next Cloud test, so if any of you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in this thread.

    We want to thank everyone who helped us by logging onto LiberatorTest this past week. We know it was hard to put an effort into playing while knowing that everything will be wiped in just a few days. We also want to apologize to all those that lost days of gameplay on regular Liberator because of this test.

    ~ The SWGEmu Team

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    as i said before, let everyone be able to get jedi skills from bluefrogs and the server is going to explode

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceebe View Post
    as i said before, let everyone be able to get jedi skills from bluefrogs and the server is going to explode
    that is brilliant!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceebe View Post
    as i said before, let everyone be able to get jedi skills from bluefrogs and the server is going to explode
    Or just get rid of the Mel mission part. To many thinking that they would get and play a jedi for a week. When it didn't happen for them, people left the test.

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    ya ik they should do that

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    As far as I am aware the way Bluefrog is coded in Pre-OR it doesn't set the jedi state correctly if you train jedi skills, so having a Bluefrog with jedi on it would be pointless.

    I think a bluefrog SHOULD be put in, but give it only nonjedi professions, however resources and other items would be a tremendous help, I think. Holocrons should be given upon player creation like they should, maybe until the jedi state problem can be fixed.

    Also as Malady stated, you can remove the mell mission from the trainer dialogue and when they talk to the trainer for the first time it goes from FS to padawan straight, I think that would be the best solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkyra View Post
    As far as I am aware the way Bluefrog is coded in Pre-OR it doesn't set the jedi state correctly if you train jedi skills, so having a Bluefrog with jedi on it would be pointless.
    I don't understand and have been wondering about this for a while. Did the devs write the lib code from scratch or did they reverse engineer the original pre-cu and possibly have some code that they can't "break" like above?

    I love not having to "start over" on xp, you can wipe/rewipe as many times as you want as long as I don't have to take a week to get back to zero (armor, buffs, swoops. I always wished they would have a solo version of this game and this is the closest I can get until I win the lottery quit my job and learn to code/re myself (with the help of full time teachers). Then I will be the most powerful player in the world...../end power trip fantasy.
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    Yeah jedi for a week without the Mel mission but also need:
    1.Good Buffs (We wont have armor)
    2.Descent resources (for those who wish to craft)
    3 Weapons (Including the components to make them IE crystals, tissues Ect)
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    yea simply remove mel... tons of ppl come and will grind xp havung fun pvping... and yes put resources, very hard to star everything from 0
    anyway many thanks to the devs

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    Some of the Jedi comments are a good idea. I think a thread dedicated to the cloud testing, or a daily update will go along way as well. I would have jumped on to help test had I known you guys needed more people.
    Also, if there is anyway to set up some events, especially PvP ones will help too.

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    Scatter some goodies around the galaxy and have a treasure hunt.

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    How about a reward of some kind for those who test, something that could transfer to regular liberator, a few ideas:

    1.) Bound to be controversial, but Lib itself is just a "play server" anyway: KEEP the Mell mission in place, as is, keep the server exactly as it is, but also KEEP the characters for those who played during the test once the regular liberator goes live.
    2.)Keep the Mellichae mission and jedi system as it is, but make skill training as normal(i.e no going to the trainers, and getting an insta TKM, but also let those characters transfer over to lib once the test is done.
    maybe have a timer here so that people who test only x amount of time get the reward(not people who just login, make a toon for the free stuff?
    b-reward players liberator characters while still wiping the database ideas.
    1.)Give each player who tested the cloud server some sort of advance in the jedi system, such as to the point where you NEED a holocron, or give them a holocron.
    2.)Give each player who took part a monetary reward on liberator.

    I know these ideas wont be without controversy, but hey, they are just ideas. My concern is that if you want a big stress test, sure you can give people jedi on the testing servers, alot will log in at one point, but after they play around for a few hours it will sink in to them that their new toy will just go away again once the test is over, and you'll be back to square one.
    Either way, thanks to the devs.
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    To me, its kind of simple. Transfer everything from regular Liberator to the cloud test. Stuff the blue frogs, stuff free training/no xp needed, DON'T give the NGE teenagers free Jedi. Just trial running normal Liberator from the new platform. Run some events, or lots of events. GCW was always a good way to stress test the server. When we are all said and done, don't wipe it on purpose, transfer the data back. If we loose the last week of it for some reason, so be it, roll backs happen, but just run it the way you always do. People stopped playing because of the mini wipe/Jedi/lack of resources.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivojedi View Post
    Considering that I wrote the code to make it that way, yes, I'm sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superjebus View Post
    DON'T give the NGE teenagers free Jedi.
    errrr? what?

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    Do not allow devs to assist in achieving jedi Wipe liberator and place permanently on cloud fix wound cap on dots and remove silent rumors imho would bring back many a lost players.... P.S I do not expect any of this to happen just my 2 cents on what might bring "fun" back to a fun server

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