I don't like this Test Center Idea because.....

"Lock Down Jedi" to make it un attainable here in TC, just let blue frogs drop outside cnet for your weekly test so players like I can duel or pvp and cause lagg and see if the server is stable. Also I'm already disgusted of people trying and asking to be jedi and most are all NGE players claiming to be prior SWG-Pre pub 9/CU/Pre-cu veterans.. Its disgusting and doesn't require your heart to go into that Profession here on Test Center.

The real people with dedication go strafing every day to obtain this profession and carry some prior knowledge to the game. Some I have not seen hit strong for months strafing 2 or 3 planets a day.

Basically quit this jedi non sense for the moment and lets actually test the server out with combat besides people running around trying to obtain jedi which doesn't really have any since to testing the server as this is a 5-7 day process and will be wiped.

Those who have surge or more should of been the only ones of testing this out, one due to the Mission which locks up when only one player has it, number two so NGEs are not over here trying to run things. Ohh, and number three.... Please bann the douche bags!