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Thread: Staff Meeting Summary for November 5, 2011

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    Post Staff Meeting Summary for November 5, 2011

    Staff Meeting Summary

    November 5, 2011
    The SWGEmu Staff

    We met on Saturday, November 5th at 2:00 pm EDT to discuss three topics.

    First, SWGEmu is now an officially, globally recognized 501(c) Non-Profit Organization registered by Oru in Hungary. The cost to do this was $1,500. The estimated monthly accounting and paperwork fee is $250/month but after the first month or two we will look to do that ourselves or find cheaper solutions. We now have financial protection from taxes as well as possible legal protection by not turning SWGEmu into a money making company. In the future, the other Founders and possibly some of the Leaders will be brought on to the NPO Board but for time and cost reasons it is just Oru right now.

    Second, with the NPO complete we will begin monthly financial reports of donations and expenses. We will get into more detail with a separate report but right now we are averaging approximately $1,643/month from an average of 53 donations/month. We now have a total of five servers we operate costing just over $900/month - detail of the five servers in next topic. Some non-monthly bills are used for hardware upgrades and of course recently the NPO expense. The current cash balance on hand is approximately $6,500.

    Third was a discussion on setting up the separate Development Site and the server setup. It is easiest to quote Oru from the meeting to describe the separate Development Site:
    [14:51] <@oru> so to sum it up, the development team wanted a visual split in the eye of the community to become a development only project
    [14:52] <@oru> it would mean separate forums in the first place, which will hopefully be created soon
    [14:52] <@oru> there were also discussions to have another irc server but there was no final word on that
    [14:53] <@oru> so what we are going to have forum wise is one common starting page on where the user can decide to go to the community or the development part of the project

    The current server setup is as follows:
    Chicago dedicated box - all site services except IRC
    Denver dedicated box - all test centers, Liberator/Nova/STM
    IRC VPS host
    QA Department VPS - running Windows only software
    Second Denver dedicated box - Community Division server for new site in TESTING/SETUP

    We are still working out the details but the idea is to move the resposibility of Liberator off TheAnswer's plate and onto the Community Division. This along with the dedicated Development Site will help focus the Dev Team on the current Nova code and the eventual achievement of SWGEmu V1.00

    We will be meeting again in two weeks to firm up the details on the Development Site and Server Setup - and will report back to you then on the plans.

    Please feel free to leave your constructive comments and questions in this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaddynnstarr View Post
    I have a question.... So does this mean they are setting up a lib server for the community to play with and a community dev team to work on bugs on it? Or have i misread this? If so, does that mean the current lib will be transfered there, andbe active for quite a while?
    The Community Division doesn't really have a "dev team" so don't expect any code changes to Liberator. TheAnswer has done a great job getting Liberator to be as stable as it is and we don't want to lose that functionality. Mainly we will have database and restart access but don't expect anything more than what you have today with Liberator until the Nova code is ready to replace it. We may look at ways to enhance the "Liberator Experience" but please, please don't expect it to be touched at all and consider anything that MIGHT get done as a pure BONUS.

    Liberator is staying on the same server but there may be some downtime associated with re-tasking all the SWGEmu servers. Announcements will be made in advance of any planned changes.

    Quote Originally Posted by mikesdk View Post
    Call me overly cautious, but is it wise to keep the emu servers on the same host? We've already seen some major hd breakdowns and keeping them on the same machine will cripple all of them at the same time if anything goes wrong. Seeing as there are multiple dedicated servers available I would suggest separating them so only one of them will be down if the unthinkable happens. Totally different subject - once Nova replaces Liberator, will you still keep a separate TC or will that be it, subject to periodic wipes?
    Our dedi box host is FDC and they are reviewed the best at being the least expensive for unlimited bandwidth. The TB's of data we use each month really limits the hosts we can use. Hardware failures on one metal box doesn't mean we will see failures on another. And Vlada is right, we have two boxes in Denver and one box in Chicago so things will be spread around a plenty. And don't worry, backups will be a plenty

    Of course we have been looking at alternatives to FDC and even possible Cloud solutions. Trust me, we are doing everything we can to bring you a great SWG PreCU playing experience.

    The current plan, subject to change of course, will leave Liberator and Nova up permanently. One will be for "regular" play with minimal wipes and the other for direct play-testing for the Devs running the latest code.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aceblade View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Uli View Post
    Expansion on what that is exactly used for could be useful.
    I heard it was only $7 and it runs Aceblades Windows' QA Tool but curious why the tool needs a VPS so explanation on that would be cool.
    We have an internal task management tool that was donated to us by InforumUp. Normally this license would have cost $2,100.

    Why do we need this?
    a) As with every QA department tasks need assigned to individuals with goals for dates of completion.
    b) This allows us to go in-depth regarding Tasks / Testing Flow and communicate / distribute the workload.

    Attached is an image of the Shipwright tasks that were assigned.

    Attachment 2801

    Quote Originally Posted by navaho View Post
    Is there any kind of heartbeat/drbd or even mysql replication in use or planned to prevent disaster or make recovery more expedient?

    I mean, I don't think there has been a single after disaster report posted. No indication it's even had thought time put into it.
    Read the second post....Of course we will have better backups in the future.

    We kept people updated throughout the process so everybody that wanted to know has the information for what happened. I certainly don't see the need for an "after disaster report"....we had RAID fail and didn't have a separate backup for the character/user account table but everything else on Liberator was safe.
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    That's very interesting. I guess congratulations are in order. I look forward to seeing how you guys move forward.

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    Great to see open accounting and NPO registration.

    TA starting to step away is a good start as well.

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    Thank you Oru, and all the others for the continued dedication keeping this project going in the right direction. Congrats swgemu on becoming a NPO!

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    These steps all look like steps in the right direction, good job buys!

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    Congratulations on the NPO. Feels like we are closer to the goal already.
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    Awesome! Just Awesome!

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    Thanks for all the hard work! Look forward to seeing V1!

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    Simply amazing how many hats this team wears for "us".

    Thank you all for all you do, your dedication leaves me truly awestruck... /Deepbow
    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnswer View Post
    This server is for us all to try and finish this game so you can have a server to play, hopefully with me far away from here.

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    Your actions are far from unnoticed.

    Great work in progress!

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    Congrats to all of the SWGEMU Team. Great Job!!!
    Thanks for everything you all are doing.
    Keep up all the hard work.

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    Sounds really good, doing an amazing job guys, keep it up!!
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    NPO... Nice work!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicrock View Post
    Great to see open accounting and NPO registration.

    TA starting to step away is a good start as well.
    Agree, very pleased. Donation to come shortly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vlada View Post
    if you think that anything you say here will have any impact on Suncrusher, think again.

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