Prison Break!

When? Sunday, October 2, 2011 @ 5:00pm EST/4:00pm CST

Where? Trade Outpost, Dathomir

Buffs? Provided!

This Sunday, join the Event Coordinator team in the Rebel's response to the Imperial attack on their stronghold! The Event will start at 5:00pm EST/4:00pm CST, an hour earlier than our normal Sunday events, at the Trade Outpost on Dathomir. Once again, it is very important that you store your cloning data here and be sure to insure your items every time you die! This will save your equipment from decay and let you get back into the fight ASAP!

From the Trade Outpost, portals will be dropped to warp players into their starting zones. From there, right before the event starts, players will be healed, buffed, and set to the overt faction of their side. Neutral players are welcome to come, though be warned that you will be put on a team before the event starts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you use a flag to warp into the starting zone, there is NO turning back until you die! Use them at your own discretion.

There are 5 rounds in total, though the event may not take up all 5 of those rounds. Here is how it will work: each time a round begins, Rebels will warp into the Imperial Prison and combat the other players. In addition to fighting off the players, the Rebels will need to spread out and locate a Novatrooper Elite Commander somewhere in the facility. He will be accompanied by a heavy squad, so it should be easy to identify him. The Commander is also accompanied by two medics. You must kill the medics first! If you do not, and the Commander dies, he will be respawned immediately. You must kill the medics first! The other members (if any) of his squad are not vital to whether or not the Rebels get a key card for that round.

As soon as the Rebels kill the Commander and take his key card, they must run back to their initial warp in (a hole in the ground they tunneled through). There will now be a flag to take them back to their starting zone (it will be defended, Imperials don't try to use it). Then, the battlefield will reset for a couple minutes while both teams recover, and the rounds will start again.

A round will be announced when it starts and ends. A round ends when the general majority of Rebels have returned to their base. Each time a round starts, a stopwatch timer is started. Every 10 minutes, the NPC reinforcements of both the base and the Commander's group is increased slightly. When a round ends, the stopwatch is paused, and it will begin when the next round starts. If the stopwatch reaches 60 minutes, heavy reinforcements will pour into the Imperial prison and the Rebels will lose the battle.

It may sound like not enough time, but the event will most likely last about two hours with setup, fighting, and cooldowns between the rounds. It's important for the Rebels to keep an eye on the time and try not to let the rounds last longer than 10 minutes, otherwise the chances of winning go down! Naturally, the rounds will start to get harder and harder as more time is added to the stopwatch and more reinforcements come. This one is all about speed! It might be a good idea to split up and cover more ground. Imperials, all you need to do is keep them busy and run out the clock!

As usual, both sides' participants will receive the following badges:

"...has been recognized as an exceptional soldier in the war." [Good Solider PvP Badge]
"...has participated in a Live Event." [Live Event Badge]

The winning team will receive their side's appropriate badge:

"...has been recognized by the Alliance as an elite soldier for work in rescuing imprisoned comrades aboard a captured Rebel Blockade Runner."
"...has been recognized as an Elite Imperial Soldier, for bravery in the call of duty, eliminating a Rebel Blockade Runner."

Finally, two players who demonstrate an excellent grasp of leadership and immersion in the game, acting their part in-character as a soldier for the Empire or a commando for the Rebellion will receive the following badge:

"...has been recognized as having a memorable personality."

So are you a roleplayer but don't really want to fight? Come anyway and offer your support for your team! Encourage them, call out for medics, coordinate strikes; you may just get a badge for it!

It's going to be an intense, action-packed night! I hope to see you all there this weekend!