Now that we have the bulk of our players on Finalizer we will use TC-Prime as yet another testing step for code changes destined for Finalizer.

This server will be a clone of all Finalizer data on a regular basis (weekly or sooner if needed for testing) and it will run the code we plan to release on the next Tuesday patch.

When you login to this server you will see a notice like the following:

We may change the message if there are specific items we're looking for people to test.

With this launch we will push the bulk of new code as follows:
  1. Local Dev Test
  3. TC-Nova at the bottom of each hour (XX:30 am/pm), and it reboots automatically.
  4. TC-Prime as needed but generally as we prepare for Tuesday's push.
  5. Finalizer each weekly on patch day (currently Tuesday, but we are debating on moving the day to have more dev support)

Please feel free to hop on TC-Prime, let us know if you find bugs or things that seem a bit off.

Thank You for your testing, and patience!