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Thread: [SWGEmu] Remembrance Memorial

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    [SWGEmu] Remembrance Memorial

    Remembrance Memorial


    The SWGEmu Staff

    Remembrance Memorial

    Over the years, many we hold dear that was involved in Star Wars, or this project have stepped out of time and are no longer part of our community. We have had a wish to honor their memory in our own special way. We have created a park of remembrance on Naboo, where members of the community can come to a tranquil place of beauty, remembering the ones who where once among us. We hope it becomes a place for people to gather and remember our friends as well as those who inspired us on screen. You can find it at waypoint 4120, 3210.

    If interested in nominating a friend to be added to the location, we ask you use the form below and email the event staff at event@swgemu.com so we can review the application and find a place for the nominated in the memorial.
    • Forum Name (mainly, since its the only constant. We could put in a character, but it should be secondary)
    • Character Name from Live
    • Server from Live
    • Year of passing
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    Fantastic idea ❤❤❤

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    Sounds very nice, I can see a nice meditating photo opp being ruined now by a bh flying in, lmao.
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    So weird... it actually looks very close from our first GH spot we set in 2012...

    (mail sent)
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    Outstanding. <3
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    Great job guys. This made me feel so good this morning!

    Such a kind and respectful thing to do.
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    This gave me all the feels. Very respectful and thoughtful.

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